Musicians and organizations across the country are finding ways to take a stand against the Trump Administration amidst their onslaught of discriminatory actions. Four Tet shared music in a playlist from artists in the countries affected by the immigration ban, to high profile musicians who have even been seen at anti-Trump protests.

Moogfest, the annual music, technology, and art festival in North Carolina - hosted by the large synthesizer producer Moog Music Inc. - has made their opposition to the travel ban public. At this year's festival, taking place in May, there will be a Protest Stage. Artists for the Protest Stage have yet to be announced, but it's a loud commentary on the current state of the union.

Last year, Moogfest protested NC's infamous HB2 Law, better known as the Bathroom Bill. This law requires transgender people to use the bathroom that correlates with their legal identification, not how they personally identify, and additionally reversed some rights for members of the LGBT community. Moogfest protested the bill via workshops and speakers, and declared the festival a safe space for all genders and sexualities.

Moogfest encourages attendees and participants to continue fighting HB2 and to donate to and volunteer with the ACLU to fight injustices. Hell yes for socially conscious festivals and companies!