Hey Deacon,

I know you probably can't read, but I hope you can understand what this article means because I'm sitting in my living room, watching the Indians play the White Sox and it's one of those days where I miss you.

It's already a little over four months since one of the worst days for me in 2018. The day you left this earth and crossed the rainbow bridge. It's now summer for me. My first summer without you in my life, and it's still weird being in an empty house with mom and dad at work and Joey finishing up his freshman year of high school.

Every time I see something related to dogs, I wish that I could have a dog that I could be able to just cuddle and talk about life with. But for the longest time in my life, it was always you. You were my cuddle buddy for the longest time and I just wish I could get you back for just for a little bit to be able to have the time that I missed with you while I was away again.

But I know it will hurt you more. You are, of course, in a better place now and I would want you to be happy.

I hope you found Charlie, who was Tim, Colleen, Noah, and Eliese's dog. He was a good dog also from the time that I saw him. Olivia and Austin are doing well. Shannon just had a baby girl named Evelyn. I'm sure you would've loved her. She is so beautiful. The Cavs are in the finals for the fourth time against Golden State. I won't forget 2016 when they won and you were barking a lot and were probably so confused as to why mom, dad, and I were cheering at the top of our lungs and crying.

There is talk in our family about wanting another dog. I know you would be okay with that, because you know that no dog will replace what you had in this family. You were our first official pet.

I always remember the memories I had with you. I still want you back, but you're doing better where you are now.

I love you, buddy.