Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Map Rankings
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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Map Rankings

The quality of multiplayer maps was a big reason BO2 became of of the best COD games in the franchise.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Map Rankings
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This past week, I set up my PS3 and decided to take a trip down memory lane. I spent a lot of time diving into a new Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14 (if there is any game I would give anything to have, it would be the next NCAA Football game...looks like I'm going to be waiting for a while). When I checked my stack of PS3 games underneath the NCAA Football 14 case, I saw the game that I gave more time to than any other video game during high school: Black Ops II.

The 9th of 13 main canon games in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops II is considered by many in the COD community to be the best installment from the multiplayer standpoint. It was the first COD game I played online, and the multiplayer was awesome. Just about everything in multiplayer was great, from the weapons to the maps. A quick search on YouTube can provide you with many perspectives on the game's best guns, sorted by class, game mode compatibility, and so on. However, there is not much of anything in the way of map rankings. So, me being the COD nerd that I am, I decided to make my own list (excluding all DLC maps other than Nuketown 2025).

Here is my Black Ops II multiplayer map rankings, counting down to the best:

15. Meltdown

Located at a nuclear power plant in Pakistan, Meltdown is a supposedly action-packed map that offers a three-lane avenue and exciting objectives. The problem is, the game flow is absolutely awful. Each side has a two-story building with a window on the middle wall and side wall. The middle window produced solid sniping action, but other than that, I found no reason to like the map. The middle lane is strange, with a winding tunnel in the middle and a ramp on either side leading up to a platform that sits between the two buildings. On one of the side lanes, there is a big cooling tower. I would describe skirmishes inside the tower as "uncomfortable" because it was too spread apart to attack from one side with a pistol, and too congested with all the pillars to effectively snipe. Meltdown is best suited for game modes like S&D, but even then it's a stretch. Beyond that, I just flat out hate the map.

14. Cargo

Cargo is a map located on a cargo ship in Singapore, and it's awful. I hated it for so long, and up until just recently, it was my least favorite map on BO2. I would only play S&D on this map, but now it's tolerable during TDM and Domination. Basically, each side has a lot of big storage units you can use for cover or a perch. There are several close quarters engagement areas, with an open central position that offers decent sniping lanes. However, a moving crane picks up crates in that middle position, and it sometimes blocks those views needed for sniping. The longer you play the map, the more you hate seeing nothing but those storage units. In all the time I've had the game, I don't think I've ever voted for Cargo.

13. Drone

Located in the heart of the Mynamar jungles, Drone is a hidden drone facility set in the near future. It has a very long lane in the middle that provides for great sniping, and close to medium range combat inside the facility. I primarily use a shotgun and hang around the facility, although setting up shop on the hill at B spawn and targeting opponents on the helipad is fun as well. Other than that, however, I don't have much to say about Drone. Most of the COD community dislikes the map, mainly due to the overall lack of flow. It sometimes feels stretched out, and it can take a while to get from one side to the other.

12. Aftermath

The official Black Ops II website describes Aftermath as "ruined downtown Los Angeles with close engagements," although they should've just had the first word as the description. This map was ruined from the start, especially when considering how it is set up. The BO2 website includes "close engagements" when talking about Aftermath - and they're not wrong, when you get to the center - but the sheer size of the map created absolutely horrible spawns. It would take forever to run into those close engagement areas, and then by the time you got to the action, the spawns would flip. I would have Aftermath at 14 or 15 on this list if it weren't for great gameplay I managed to somehow get on a regular basis.

11. Slums

Slums is located in, well, a slum. This Panama map has some pretty intense choke points, which can make for exciting matches depending on the game mode. If you never hung out in the dark electronics room with a shotgun, then did you really play this map? Not only does that room connect A- and B-DOM in Domination, but it a vital stronghold for other modes like S&D. I originally enjoyed this map, but it's become harder to appreciate as time goes on. Nothing super negative to say about Slums.

10. Overflow

Now we are getting into a slightly better tier of maps. Overflow is a busy, urban map located in the streets of Peshawar, Pakistan. When Black Ops II dropped, I hated this map - it felt too cluttered and annoying for my taste. Fortunately, I started using snipers more often and found myself enjoying Overflow. There are good sniping lanes and great spots for objective game modes. Overall, I can't complain too much about this map. There was a chance I would've put Slums in front of it, but that premonition dissipated when I hopped on an Overflow TDM match a few days ago and went 31-1 (S/O to the Scar-H).

9. Express

Express is located at a Los Angeles train station. It is a very symmetrical map that offers good medium- and long-range engagements, perfect for snipers, LMGs, and ARs. Being able to climb in or on top of stationary trains makes things interesting, and a moving train that appears every few minutes can take out any unsuspecting victims standing on the tracks. Personally, I love this map on S&D. Other than that game mode, however, the symmetry is just a bit too much for me, which is why Express comes in at number 9.

8. Plaza

Plaza is a close-quarters map located on a resort floating in the Indian Ocean. A fairly symmetrical map, Plaza has several "meet-up" spots where everyone seems to flood together. The center of the map is reachable by four different pathways, but the tight corners and angles makes it difficult to have access to the entire platform. Two building rooftops (one at A-DOM, one at C-DOM) provide for excellent sniping lanes aimed at the middle; however, the sight lines don't reach all the way. Shotguns and SMGs are a necessity for frequent skirmishes in the bar, and if you can survive, the flanking route is a good one. Plaza works for a solid amount of game modes, and while nothing warrants it as a great map, it is a good one nonetheless.

7. Turbine

Turbine is located in the hills of Yemen with wind turbines surrounding the map. It is a big map with long sight lines, making it great for sniping. There are a lot of rocks that can be used for cover, as well as the giant crashed plane in the center of the map. The spawns are okay but not great, mainly due to the size of the place. I don't understand why there is a general dislike of Turbine among the BO2 community - I like it. It might not be the best map for every game mode, but I usually get solid gameplay.

6. Carrier

The best sniper map in Black Ops II, Carrier is located on a Chinese aircraft carrier in the ocean. It has a solid overall balance, with plenty of both open sight lines and random objects used for cover. The relatively rectangular shape allows for great spawns, and it doesn't take long to get to the action. Like I noted earlier, it is a sniper's dream. There are so many opportunities for picking off opponents hiding behind the crane or perched on top of the fighter jets. Carrier is great for just about all game modes. When the game came out, I actually hated the map. As time went on, I saw it for what it was and grew to really enjoy Carrier.

5. Yemen

Yemen is located in the urban streets of Yemen. This map has a lot of tight corners and alleys that result in a lot of intense close quarter engagements, but it also is very spread out. A relatively large map, Yemen has several rooms/buildings to hide in along with some good sniper sight lines. It works with most game modes. I personally like this map not only because of the layout, but also because of the color scheme. For a place that is dominated by shades of brown, the developers did a great job turning Yemen into a bright, aesthetically pleasing map. On top of that, I always get great gameplay - the map has a good flow.

4. Raid

The top 4 maps on my list are in a tier of their own, well above the other 11 maps previously ranked. Raid comes in at number 4, but it is not far away from the top spot by any means. Located in a hillside mansion in Hollywood, Raid is just about everything you want from a COD map. The traditional three-way flow works like a charm. There are spots for close, medium, and long range engagements. Every game mode is fun on this map. It even has a little extra flair; you want to hide by swimming in a pool? You can do that. You want to shoot (with your gun) a basketball into a basketball hoop? You can do that too. There is just about nothing wrong with this map, which is why Black Ops III produced a remake (Empire) in the Descent DLC pack. Raid is unquestionably the most balanced map in Black Ops II.

3. Standoff

Standoff is a classic COD map located in a town in Kyrgyzstan that borders China. Three different multi-level buildings provide for good gameplay, especially with snipers up top. The middle building, smack dab in the center of the map, is typically where it all goes down. This map works great with all game modes, and poses opportunities for every type of engagement. There's nothing to dislike about Standoff, and just like with Raid, Black Ops III made a remake (Outlaw) in a DLC pack (Salvation). Standoff was the first multiplayer map I ever played on BO2, and it always will be a fantastic aspect of the game.

2. Nuketown 2025

Set in the year 2025, this version of Nuketown is a remake of the legendary original Nuketown map in Black Ops. What is there to say? It's a great map. One of the smallest maps in the game, Nuketown is perfect for rushing-style players. All weapon types and game modes work well. The frantic pace enhances the excitement, and before you know it, the match is over. Black Ops III made the third Nuketown map, properly calling it "Nuk3town." The origin of Nuketown as a COD map is a pretty cool story: David Vonderhaar watched Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of the Crystal Skull one night and was inspired by the scene where Indiana walks into a nuclear test site. The next day, he went to a panel of Treyarch developers and shared his idea. Thus, Nuketown was born. Black Ops III even went as far as to create a 24/7 Nuk3town playlist for diehard fanatics. The ultimate love it or hate it map, Nuketown has been a fan favorite for years. Black Ops II did a fantastic job with creating the middle of the three maps. The only reason Nuketown 2025 isn't first on this list is because I played it so much that for just a short period of time, it got a bit old.

1. Hijacked

Located on a luxurious yacht in the ocean, Hijacked is (in my opinion) the best multiplayer map in Black Ops II. I love every part of this map, from the design layout to the secret Batman Easter Egg. All game modes worked well, and it is just as fast-paced as Nuketown. Hijacked is the perfect map for aggressive players with SMGs. The upstairs windows offer sniping lanes, and the side flanks are well-suited for LMG and AR action. If you are trying to take an objective from the enemy's spawn, the lower level tunnel is perfect for sneak attacks. Like the three maps before this, Black Ops III made a Hijacked remake (Skyjacked) and released it in the Awakening DLC pack. I get my best BO2 gameplay from this map, and there's nothing that will move it from the top of these rankings.

So there you have it! My Black Ops II multiplayer map rankings, from worst to best. The majority of the maps on this game turned out to be solid, and the top 4 in my list are fantastic. Over 100,000 people still get on BO2 multiplayer, which points to how good this game is, even 5 years later.

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