It's April. You can feel summer getting closer and closer as you feel the classrooms get hotter because it's not hot enough' yet to turn the air conditioning on. Summer is just a short few weeks away, but first, we have to get through all of these assignments our professors seem to pile on as the end of the semester draws closer.

You know there's no hope but your still hoping to be able to turn that last D that plummeted your grade into your favor by working harder these next few weeks feeling hopeful you can turn that class grade into at least a B.

It's these assignments that cause us the enormous pain of being a student. It's the type of pain that can only be relived by binge-watching countless Disney movies and reading countless articles with GIFs describing our pain through memes and gifs when we should really be studying for that upcoming math exam.

1. When you're in the middle of an exam you stayed up all night studying for.

You remember studying for it, but for the life of you can't remember what you studied for.

2. When You're at the Point Where You Want To Drop Out

"I don't actually need a career, do I? Can't they make a job where you just watch Netflix all day?"

3. When Your Professor Assigns Yet Another Group Project

And you end up doing all the work because no one in your group actually cares about getting the best grade possible besides you.

4. When You Get Put With A Group for That Project Who Do Nothing To Help

5. When You Finally Go To The Gym

You haven't been to the gym for a while because of the never-ending assignments, but you're determined to get that perf summer bod.

6. When You're on Your 5th Mental Breakdown in a week

Your friends try to comfort you, but don't actually know how because they feel the same way.

7. When You Try To Toughen Up

Smiling through the pain works every time.

8. But Then You Just Cry Harder

You are just so done with the semester.

9. You Oversleep

Your bed is just too comfortable, after staying up half the night preparing for the class you no longer care more about than sleep.

10. When Your Professor Introduces a New Topic a week before the Final


11. When it is Actually Nice Out For Once to Do Something But You Have To Study

Your life begins AFTER you study.

12. The Point You Reach During an All-Nighter When Caffeine Just Isn't Enough Anymore

Just. So. Tired.

13. The Moment You Realize You Didn't Even Need the Class You're Struggling in For Your Major

Why did you decide to stay in that class again?

14. The Moment You Realize You Think You Have Mastered Your Major

You're literally feeling too cool for school at this moment.

15. But Then Everything Comes Crashing Down When You See The Exam

You totally feel like you jinxed yourself.

16. When You Come Across A New Topic on the Exam

You definitely never went over it in class.

17. When You Get To The Exam And Realize You Need to Ace it to Pass The Class


18. When You Finish the Last Question on Your Last Exam of the Semester

Now to just double check your answers.

19. When You Walk Out of That Last Exam Feeling Like You Aced It

You are a miracle test taker.

20. But Now You Have To Go Study Even More


21. When You Finally Give Up on Studying and Just Hope For the Best

You just pray you don't flunk your finals.

The month of April in college can be rough. You're in the final streatch and just need to make it to finals week. So, here's to hoping you get through the rest of April mentally intact and that you ace those exams! You got this.