Monica And Chandler Are The Greatest Love Story On Friends

Monica And Chandler Are The Greatest Love Story On Friends

Could they BE more adorable?

When people think of Friends, what immediately comes to mind is the quintessential “will they won’t they” romance that spanned over a decade. The very definition of “If it’s meant to be, it will be,” Ross and Rachel’s rollercoaster romance broke the hearts of over three generations of "Friends" fanatics as they made up, broke up, then made up, then broke up again, then had a baby, then accidentally GOT MARRIED, then made up, then broke up AGAIN until she finally “got off the plane.” But it's okay, they’re ROSS AND RACHEL.

Amidst the chaotic screams of “We were on a break!” (No, they were absolutely not), and the heartbreaking declarations of “But, you’re my Lobster,” we somehow overlooked our very own Mondler, whose love story, although quieter, was a much more real and honest depiction of a healthy, loving and committed relationship. Long time friends turned lovers, Monica and Chandler truly give meaning to “if you want something, go get it”.

They got off to a rough start

Monica and Chandler first met when Chandler rocked his embarrassing prom horns and Monica was the overly excited high schooler eager to “lose her flower”. Her attempts to seduce him didn’t go as planned when Chandler lost his toe in the painful process. Suffice to say, their rough beginning was hardly a recipe for romance.

They grew to be each other’s biggest support

Despite their awkward beginnings, Chandler and Monica grew to be each other’s biggest support system. As they lived across the hall, Chandler and Monica navigated through perhaps the most emotionally confusing labyrinth that is the twenties.

From showing Chandler the real way to a woman's heart

To helping him lose a couple pounds

They saw each other through their awkward and embarrassing bests.

They were each other's shoulder to cry on

Before we saw any Mondler magic, Monica helped Chandler through his unhealthy and frankly annoying relationship with Janice, while Chandler returned the favor when Monica had to get over the charming and swoon-worthy gentleman that is Richard.

I mean, they even agreed to be each other’s back-up plan if they were 40 and still single.

They escaped the Friend Zone

When Ross was too busy mixing up names at the altar, a vulnerable Monica threw herself at Chandler. What was intended to be a quick one-time feel-good session, marked the beginning of a secret love affair that turned into the greatest relationship of all time.

They struggled with relationship tags

Like most couples, Monica and Chandler too struggled with the “what are we” and “where is this going” conversation.

But their awkward I love you's just proved that they were meant to be.

Monica made Chandler finally want to commit and settle down

This led to adorable moments like this

And this

All the having and caring and sharing and receiving even got Joey thinking of settling down.

Their surprise proposal was undoubtedly the most romantic in the series

You're lying if you didn't cry after watching this for the billionth time.

And with a proposal so heartwarming, you just knew that their wedding was going to be the dreamiest thing you’d ever see

Plus, they got it right the first time (Ahem Ross).

They would do anything for each other

Like pee on each other in case of a jellyfish sting.

Or give piggyback rides because of overly expensive boots that make your feet hurt

They made Long-Distance work beautifully

She was supportive of his unpaid advertising internship and was even willing to move to Tulsa while he supported her decision to pursue her dream as head chef.

Sure, they had their fair share of fights

Like when Monica pushed him to seduce Phoebe.

Or when he kissed another woman on the day of their wedding.

But they always came back together

Like Monica said, “I don't think you and I were destined to end up together. I think that we fell in love and work hard at our relationship. Some days we work really hard.”

They constantly ease each other’s insecurities

As awkward, obsessive and controlling as they may be.

And when they fought to have kids

You just knew that those kids would be the luckiest in the world.

Okay, fat and lucky.

Together, they make an awesome team

Could they BE more adorable?

Here's to a happy valentines day to the couple that defines a happily ever after!

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