Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness, So Stop Saying It Can't
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Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness, So Stop Saying It Can't

It can buy a lot of things.

Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness, So Stop Saying It Can't
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"Money can't buy happiness." This is a common saying and technically true. Happiness, itself, is an emotion, and obviously, emotions cannot be bottled and literally bought at a store (can you imagine, though? Think of...well, how much money you'd make!)

I am not trying to make any kind of classist statements. There are plenty of people who do not have much money who are perfectly happy with their lives, and that is awesome! This will be more about how those who may suffer from depression, low self-esteem or similar circumstances and how they can help themselves.

No, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you the things that will help you to be happier.

Let's face it, everything costs money. That's just the world we live in, and some things are much more expensive than others.

For example, are you stressing out because your only car is dying and it keeps making you be late to work?

Imagine having enough money to not only fix it but get a new car in better condition. Ta-da! Problem solved!

Money just took some slight weight off your shoulders, possibly making you a little happier.

It's not even about what to spend money on, but how you handle having it. Perhaps having enough to donate a little bit can give one a sense of pride, and that feeling that you helped others less fortunate than you.

It's a fantastic feeling that you did good in the world or just your community.

Money can get you a lot of things, like a spa day, a trip or anything that could make you feel a little bit lighter, a little bit happier with your life.

It can even pay for therapy for those who may suffer from a mental illness or emotional distress. Being able to have an extra outlet, and receive a professional and objective opinion can really help someone who feels like they have the entire world on their shoulders.

Therapy and, if they are necessary, medications, also cost money to obtain. And if they help someone, it's worth it.

On more "superficial" notes, if you need that relaxing vacation after a stressful year at work or if they need that gorgeous new dress they saw on Etsy, having the cash to pay for those could brighten someone's life, even if just for a short time.

Yes, indeed, money certainly can buy happiness.

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