From my mom advising against dying my hair pink to warning me about relationships that wouldn't last, I have come to the realization that for 19 years, my mother has never been wrong about a single thing. So listen to your mom.

1. ​Impulsive decisions.

When I was 17, I had an urge to switch up my style and dye my hair pink. Although my mom told me it would ruin my hair and I would be tired of it after a month, I did it anyway. I was immediately regretful after seeing my bright pink split ends after I had attempted to DIY my hair, but I pretended to love it so my mom wouldn't get the satisfaction of saying "I told you so." After about 3 weeks of faded dry pink hair, I finally admitted that I had made a mistake so my mom and I spent the rest of that day laughing at the hair salon while trying salvage my ruined hair.

2. ​Relationships.

When it came to friendships and boys, I never felt like my mother understood my life as a teenager until she called every event and obstacle I would go through. When my mom warned me not to share all my secrets with my new high school friends freshman year, she comforted me while I cried because she said that for a reason. When it came to fake friends, heartbreak, and life lessons in general, my mom always had an innate intuition about life.

3. ​Self-care.

When my mom moved me into college and left me four packs of vitamins to take daily because she knew I would only eat junk food, I ignored her thinking she was being dramatic. After my anemic and protein-deprived body fainted during an exam, I called my mom panicking until I realized she knew all along that this would eventually happen.

It may have taken me 19 years and I definitely learned the hard way that when it comes to all aspects of life, listening to my mother's advice always pays off. My mom is my best friend and the first person I call when I've made a mistake, feel sad, or simply need company and at the end of the day, moms know best.