A Moment Of Gratitude For My Friends

There is nothing more pure on this earth than honest and genuine friendship. True friends can be hard to come by, but once you find your friend "soul mates", you realize they were well worth the wait. Friends are the ones that laugh and cry with you. They order a large ice cream when you order one just so you don't feel self-conscious. You can tell them everything that is bothering you or not breathe a word, yet they remain by your side. By some telepathic power of friendship, they also know the perfect time to swoop in with an inappropriate joke or funny picture. They love you at your worst as much as they love you at your best and you remind yourself every day how lucky you are to have found such perfect people.

When you are apart, you miss your friends so deeply, even though you know that you will be reunited soon enough. They are never more than a silly text or spontaneous phone call away, and that proximity makes your heart happy. You know you can count on your friends to never turn down a movie marathon or much needed sing-along. If you need to laugh, they'll pull up your favorite comedy skit. If you are on the verge of tears, they'll have a box of tissues ready to go. And when someone breaks your heart, hurts your feelings, or treats you poorly, your friends go into "assassin mode" and run to defend your honor at any cost.

Your friends embrace your quirks and flaws and somehow make them seem endearing. You don't really know how it's possible, but they manage to make you feel cool, funny, and attractive all at once. They boost you up so effortlessly and make you feel like a more complete person than you actually are. Even when your life is spinning out of control and you are struggling to carry on, your friends remind you of your strengths and help you conquer any situation. They refuse to see you fall, and even if you do, they are right there ready to pick you back up again. They are the only ones that can constantly insult you and poke fun at you without actually hurting your feelings. Their crazy comments are actually welcomed and embraced, because you know how much they really do care about you.

The only thing better than finding an amazing friend is keeping that friend for your whole life. They make a great support system and are essential to your happiness, plus they know too much about your life to be let back out into the world. Friends are the people you know have enough information to destroy you, yet you trust them with your life just the same. Friends really are angels on earth. They are a blessing to us all and must be cherished and appreciated. After all, they know the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of your personality and choose to love you anyway, and that is the highest honor of all.

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