A Moment With One Of Kesha's Dancers

We all know that Kesha can put on one heck of a show, but I don’t think enough appreciation goes into the others on stage as well. I got the chance to see Kesha at the Dubuque County Fair on July 30th and still cannot get over the night. Kesha brought the crowd to their feet the entire night and had us all enjoying the one big party she was throwing. Kesha also had two dancers on stage the entire concert as well, which brought the performances to a new level. The dancers, Nick Geurts and Alex Bullon Garcia, helped lead the night to an unforgettable one and brought new life to each song performed. I got the opportunity to interview Alex about the night at the Dubuque County Fair, as well as talking about his experiences as a dancer.

The amount of energy you have on stage is incredible. Do you have any pre-concert rituals you do before the show to help get the energy up?

Thank you so much!

That's why I like to perform for a public and worked always hard for it. The energy of the audience is actually what helps mine to be greater. And the bigger the audience is, the better! My friends used to say that growing up was in a constant life music video. Haha

No, I don't but I like to take my time to stretch and get myself ready. A Redbull during the preparation too, why not?!

I’ve noticed that you have had the opportunity to not only perform with Kesha, but with other artists as well, such as Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea. Is it challenging to adapt to each artist and their personal shows?

No, not at all... Well at this point of my career.

I trained lots of styles and played lots of different rolls in different shows.

But when it is, it's motivating cause I love challenges and like to keep learning.

Kesha had many different parts to the concert she put on in Dubuque and I was in love with them all. If you had to choose a favorite part of the show, what segment would be your favorite? Personally, the “Dirty Love” and “Take It Off” was one of my favorites to watch!

I actually think those are the most fun ones for sure!!! But I love dancing to Timber and Die Young. Also, True Colors is a really deep and emotional lyrical number.

I’m not sure if you’ve never heard of Dubuque, IA before the concert, but what were some first thoughts when hearing you were going to perform there? Also, did our crowd live up to crowds found elsewhere?

I've toured the country several times with different artists so I knew about it already and visited. :) I was excited for the fair, though!!

With a glimpse to who shares the stage with such performers like Kesha, I think it is safe to say that they deserve just as much as an applause that the artists do. Be sure to follow Alex on Instagram in order to stay updated on which stage he's slaying next.

A huge thank you to Alex for giving me the chance to ask a few questions.

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