12 Thank-You's Mom Deserves, But Has Never Heard

12 Thank-You's Mom Deserves, But Has Never Heard

A few of the amazing things you did that you need to be thanked for, today and everyday!

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Mom, here are all the "thank you's" that you deserve, but have never gotten:

1. Thank you for changing my diapers, even when you probably didn't want to sometimes

2. Thank you for tolerating my One Direction phase (which might still be going on)

3. Thank you for taking me to Disney World and teaching me about true magic

4. Thank you for putting up with me (especially in middle school)

5. Thank you for always doing my laundry

6. Thank you for quizzing me before big tests and proofreading all of my papers

7. Thank you for all of the home-cooked meals which I could never replicate

8. Thank you for putting up with my weird personality (which I probably got from you...)

9. Thank you for going to every elementary school band concert

10. Thank you for telling me my makeup looked bad when I was first learning

11. Thank you for being honest and telling me not to do volleyball camp because you knew I'd end up hating it (which I did.. because I was awful)

12. Thank you for sewing my Halloween costumes so that I was a one-of-a-kind

Thanks, Mom. I love you!

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