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I Asked My Mom If She Would Have Worn Target's New Vintage Brand 'Wild Fable' In The 80s And It's Priceless

Wear or would never dare?


I was experiencing writer's block so naturally, I went to Target. I have a bad habit of going to Target too much. So much that when I go for the third time in a week, there aren't even any new arrivals. That was NOT the case when I went to Target today.

As a true Target-lover I should've known this sooner, but apparently, Target has launched THREE new brands. Yes, THREE new brands. When I was shopping around Target today (I had told myself that I was only going to buy a planner) I made the wonderful, yet terrible, decision to "swing through" the clothing section. Not shockingly, I walked out of Target with a lesser bank account than I had originally intended.

Don't worry though, I have a good excuse!!! I LOVE Target's new brand, 'Wild Fable'. The Wild Fable brand has vintage vibes, reminding me of clothes from the 80s and 90s - the brand refers to its style as "street style".

As I was picking up piece after piece (literally), I thought "Did my mom wear this sort of stuff growing up?" It was with that thought that the clouds cleared in my head and writer's block vanished.

I decided I was going to go home, search for Wild Fable clothes on Target's website, show the clothes to my mom, then write about her opinion and whether she wore the clothes growing up or not - after I bought the clothes I was holding of course.

Disclaimer: Without disclosing my mom's exact age, I will say that she was in her twenties during parts of the 80s and 90s. Also, she is definitely biased in the clothing color department - 90% of her wardrobe is black.

1. Striped High-Rise Leggings


Mom's opinion: "I like the fact that they're fitted and the stripe pops on the side."

Wear or would never dare: wear

2. Plaid Mini Skort


Mom's opinion: "That's horrible. I don't like the color combination - it's too bright."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

3. Zip Front Woven Romper


Mom's opinion: "I don't like how it looks pleated. That's not a flattering look."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

4. Cropped V-Neck Sweatshirt


Mom's opinion: "Ooooh, I love the color and it looks comfortable!!"

Wear or would never dare: wear

5. High-Rise Mom Jeans


Mom's opinion: "Those have no shape - not what ya want. In fact, they look like a big bag. They are definitely accurately named mom jeans."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

6. Color Blocked Windbreaker


Mom's opinion: "I wouldn't wear anything like that. The colors are too boyish. Actually, that looks like something my mother would wear."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

7. Striped Mock Neck Dress


Mom's opinion: "No, it looks like Marcia Brady from "The Brady Bunch".

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

8. Color Blocked Polo Shirt


Mom's opinion: "Oh my gosh, NO. Maybe to the circus."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

9. Corduroy Pinafore Dress


Mom's opinion: "I would wear that if I could find the perfect top - not a turtleneck."

Wear or would never dare: wear

10. Checkerboard Cropped Denim Jacket


Mom's opinion: "It reminds me of a shiny diner too much - or the racetrack."

Wear or would never dare: would never dare

11. Snake Print Dress


Mom's opinion: "I would wear that for the right occasion."

Wear or would never dare: wear

12. Mesh Hoodie


Mom's opinion: "I had a mesh hoodie like that back in the day. I wore it with a tank top underneath of course."

Wear or would never dare: wear

13. Violet Denim Mini Skirt


Mom's opinion: "I would absolutely wear that! I think I actually had one like that in the 80s!"

Wear or would never dare: wear

14. Striped Oversize T-Shirt


Mom's opinion: "Not enthusiastic about the stripes, but it looks comfortable and I'm all about that. It could be cute with the right pants."

Wear or would never dare: wear

15. Leather High-Rise Leggings


Mom's opinion: "I would only wear them if they weren't too thick. Sandy from "Grease" definitely pulls them off."

Wear or would never dare: wear

I have to admit, I'm surprised by some of the things my mom said she wore back in the day; that snakeskin dress must've been a serious statement. It's definitely safe to say that my mom's style was more adventurous growing up than it is now. I, for one, am super excited that these vintage clothes have become "trendy" again and that Target is carrying them!

By the way, y'all should be proud of me because I actually showed some serious self-control in Target; I managed to walk out with only three Wild Fable items - one of them being the violet skirt my mom said she had in the 80s!

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