I admire the woman who dumpster dives for items that should have been recycled.

The woman who goes up to the anonymous large tattooed man in the grocery store and strikes up a conversation about the meanings behind his ink.

The woman who helped the neighbor kids with long division, armed only with chalk and a quiet paved country road.

The woman who walks with open hands.

The woman who taught her own kids to save frogs and salamanders from the road and place them close to water.

The woman who taught me that being a woman means being capable and fearless, gracious and kind.

The woman who does more for others than for herself.

The woman who takes tequila shots like a champion.

The woman with the greenest thumb you've ever seen.

The woman who will unconditionally listen to your hits and misses in life, then invite you to stay for dinner.

The woman who taught her kids to bring the tired, poor and huddled masses we found and give them love and shelter. Even if it was a snake and it got loose in the house.

The woman who made me the woman I am today, my mom.

Thank you for always doing the thankless jobs.

Thank you for being you.