To My Beautiful Mother Who May Not See That She Is All The Time

To My Beautiful Mother Who May Not See That She Is All The Time

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out.


Women are constantly scrutinized in the media for what is considered perfect. You have to have a flat stomach, perky boobs, and perfect hair that seems to flow in the wind that never seems to get messed up. That's not real life. But still, women struggle to accept the fact that they are beautiful because of how many times we heard we aren't. We advocate for acceptance, but we don't always believe it ourselves

My mother is a prime example of that. She has taught me since I was young to be who you are and that who I am is perfect. She wants me to accept who I am is beautiful, when she may not always believe it herself. My mom is the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out.

Puberty treated my mom well! She was the typical 80s kid with super curly hair pulled up and thick, prescription glasses. My mom had a mom that didn't know what to do with her hair. She was petite but had a growth spurt early when she was a kid. But going from that to a tall, slim woman. She still is gorgeous. She may not always see it though. Of course, she had kids and that obviously takes a toll on her body. My mother is beautiful.

My mom is incredibly strong. Not only did she have kids, but she raised them as a stay-at-home mom. I don't know how she didn't get sick of us! She has done it for my sister every day. She would pick us up from school every day, make us dinner, give us baths, and still have the energy to live her own life. She would volunteer at school and was the PTO board. My friends thought she was a superhero. They were right. She is.

She continues to amaze me with how much strength she has and what she has all been through. She was bullied in middle school and was a victim in a drunk driving accident. She tells me to this day that she is lucky to be alive. That a guardian angel was watching over her and still does to this day. My mother is beautiful.

With all that she went through, she continues to be this kind, wonderful woman who has the biggest heart in the world. I get that from her. Maybe that's just the mother in her, but I see her do it day in and day out at school (she is a secretary at an elementary school).

My mom has the sense of humor that will have you rolling on the floor laughing; her laugh is contagious. Her smile will light up a room. There were days my day had been ruined by something that had happened at school or just my hormones running amuck. My mom would just hold me and sing to me. She has the most beautiful singing voice. I guess I get that from her too. Her voice was so soothing that I would stop crying just to hear her sing. My mother is beautiful.

She has a beautiful heart, a beautiful face, a beautiful soul. She is my role model. The person I hope to be like one day. Everyone tells me I have the cool mom. And they are right. You may not always see it, but you are beautiful. I'm so lucky to be your daughter.

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23 Names Moms Of Millennials Have, And What Kind Of Mom They Probably Are

Behind every millennial is a mom with one of these common names.

It's always interesting to learn the first names of my friends' mothers.

Most of the time, their name fits them perfectly. Behind every millennial is a mom with one of these common names.

1. Karen

Karen is smart, reliable and a friend to everyone she meets. She loves to go above and beyond. If you have a question, you call Karen, and she always has the answer.

2. Barbara, AKA Barb

Barb can get a little sassy, especially if she's had a few glasses of wine. Barb loves to laugh and have a good time. Beware: she might steal your clothes from your closet.

3. Jennifer

Jennifer is the hot mom who doesn't look a day over 30. She was popular in high school, and she's still popular now. She's not a regular mom: she's a cool mom.

4. Pam

Pam has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in town. She loves going to bake sales and antique stores, and she gives great hugs. Pam makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. There's not a mean bone in her body.

5. Michelle

Michelle is a born caregiver. She loves taking care of others and is especially great at being a mom. All the best moms are named Michelle.

6. Carla

Carla love boat rides and beer. She has at least one shirt with an American flag on it.

7. Lisa

Lisa is so responsible, it's scary. You know Lisa was put on this earth to mother everyone she meets, even complete strangers.

8. Nicole

Nicole is hip and trendy, especially if she goes by Nikki. Nicole thinks she's pretty cool, and even though they might not want to admit it, her kids think so too.

9. Brenda

Brenda has a great smile. She radiates happiness everywhere she goes. If Brenda was a color, she'd be yellow.

10. Tammy

Tammy is a teenager trapped in an adult body. She loves to be tan and spend time outdoors. Everyone knows Tammy has an alter ego when she drinks, and she's usually hilarious.

11. Kathy/Katherine

Kathy/Katherine is the laid-back mom who would secretly fight anyone that hurt their baby. Don't cross a Kathy/Katherine.

12. Nancy

Nancy sometimes loses her temper and then immediately second-guesses her parenting. It's probably because she's working too hard and not drinking enough wine. Give your mom a break.

13. Mary

Mary is an angel that fell to Earth. There's no way anyone could have beef with Mary. Give Mary a hug; she deserves it.

14. Janet

Janet's goofy, but she's really good at hiding it. Once she relaxes, though, Janet has the best laugh. She's also got a heart of gold.

15. Stacy

Stacy's that mom who will come to all of your baseball games twenty minutes early with a picnic basket full of sandwiches for the whole team. She loves wearing her hair in a ponytail and lives in her Mom Jeans.

16. Susan

Susan has a pretty severe resting bitch face, but don't let it fool you. She knows how to get down. Susan's purse is covered in buttons -- you know the kind: a headshot of a kid playing sports. She probably drives a minivan.

17. Amy/Aimee

Amy/Aimee never ages. She's fun to be around and has friends of all ages. Amy/Aimee works hard and is successful because of it. If anyone deserves happiness, it's Amy/Aimee.

18. Sherry

Sherry's great on the days you need a little pick-me-up. She might not be the best person to call in a crisis, but she sure knows how to make you smile.

19. Melissa

Melissa is beautiful. When you're with Melissa, it's easy to forget there's anyone else around. It must be hard having a mom who's hotter than you.

20. Stephanie

Stephanie is a pretty cool mom, especially on the weekends. She loves getting her hair done, her dog and drinking fruity frozen drinks with a little umbrella.

21. Cindy

Cindy's got an attitude. She might look sweet, but don't let her fool you. Don't bring your boyfriends or girlfriends to meet Cindy unless you're really serious about them, because she might scare them away.

22. Tiffany

No one knows how to break it down like Tiffany. She loves to dance. Wherever she goes, the party follows.

23. Carol

Carol is the strict mom who likes to give lectures at every opportunity. Don't be so hard on her though: she means well. Cut your mom some slack, kids.

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11 Things Your Mom Taught You About Adulting You'd Be Lost Without

Her advice really does make this whole adulting thing a whole lot easier.


As a 20-year-old, I'm in that super awkward life stage where I have no idea if I'm an adult or still a teen. Everyone you know is either married, has kids or is just like you. As weird and uncomfy it is to accept the fact that you're a young adult, there's one thing that seems to get us all through it: our mothers. Without our mom's advice, we would be lost and let's face it, she talks major sense into you when you aren't seeing clearly.

With that being said, here are 11 things that your mom has taught you when it comes to adulting.

1. Turn on the vent fan whenever you use the stove.

When you're making pasta, veggies, literally anything... turn on the fan, at least if it's me. I somehow manage to set the fire alarm

2. Put 10% of whatever you make into your savings.

... if this isn't the realest thing I've ever heard. When you're in college, money is tight and it's extremely difficult to budget all of your priorities and still set aside money for things you actually want to spend on. If you put 10% of every paycheck into your savings, it's a for sure way to hold onto a little bit of extra cash.

3. Close your shower curtain when you get out of the shower.

This was one of my worst habits growing up. I would constantly leave the shower curtain open and wondered why my mom always got so sassy when I left it open. Well, ya better close it, people. If you leave it open while you're in college, you don't have your mom there to tell you to close it, and you're definitely going to wish you did when you walk into our bathroom and see the curtain covered in mold.

4. Electric bills are expensive. 

Man, do I feel guilty for using up so much unnecessary electricity when I was younger. Now that I'm living on my own, I understand why my mom always wanted me to turn off the lights I wasn't using and wait to start the dishwasher until it was full.

5. Coupons are your friend.

Again, college is expensive. The key to getting through it is finding some coupons to get you some major cash-saving deals. I'm not saying you have to learn the art of coupon-clipping but I am saying that googling some while you wait in line at checkout usually results in some money off when you actually pay.

6. There's healthy ways to cope with stress.

Everybody deals with stress and nobody understands it better than my mom. She lets me know ways that I can occupy myself and unwind.

7. Everything you cook is something you got from her.

I mean this literally. I call my mom when I don't know what to cook for dinner. She explains recipes to me over and over again, mostly because I never write them down. It can be something simple or difficult, whichever ones they are, they all come from her.

8. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Whenever somebody wrongs me and I vent to my mom about it, she makes it clear to me that hurting them back is never the answer. She reminds me that what goes around comes around. Karma is real, and it does nobody any good to stoop to your level.

9. There is an actual technique when it comes to packing.

Oh, you have a lot to pack? Are you nervous it won't fit? Don't fold it, roll it. Trust me, it's a game changer.

10. Procrastinating will do more harm than good.

I am always swamped with work and my mom always encourages me to get it done. Whenever I test that theory, I realize that she's right because any time I procrastinate, my work is never at it's best.

11. You will always have a best friend waiting for your call.

No matter what, your mother is always there for you. She's waiting at home for you to call, so make sure you do it. I can talk to my mom on the phone for hours and it's so comforting to know I have a mom who misses me dearly and can't wait to hear about everything I'm doing and everything that is going on.

As we go through college, we can't forget the advice that our mom has given us growing up. I can guarantee that she is always right and you're going think of her once little things that these tips come in handy happen. Don't forget all the things she has told you because trust me, you're going to need it.

My mom is my biggest supporter and role model and I can't thank her enough for all these done for me all these years.

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