I am so excited for you to start this new job! I know what it means to you to be leaving the school and I can not wait for you to thrive in this new position and atmosphere. That being said, I also feel nostalgic at the fact that you are leaving the only job I have ever seen you work in, and there are some things that really stick out to me as your legacy at WCS.

You were the preschool aid for a long time, and that was where I saw you at your best. You loved working with those little kids, and that was so inspiring to see you thrive in that position. Along with doing that, you were helping drive us around to sporting events, basically running the PTA, and juggling Girl Scouts, Girls on the Run, and Odyssey of the Mind. You were the super mom in my mind, because somehow you looked like you had it all together. I can’t imagine my childhood without thinking of the countless late nights in the school, working on projects, or waiting around for meetings to end.

As we got older, you got involved in more school activities, like band and the musical. I loved that you were so involved with everything that we were a part of, and you still managed to put dinner on the table. Your strength and determination was incredible, and while you were putting girl scouts behind, you continued to create events for the PTA and started to work on yourself a little bit more. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to keep everything in check, but you did it with ease.

Now that we are in high school, you still continued to be just as involved, if not more, with the school and everything we chose to be a part of. You and dad were a huge part in creating the Band on the Run, which is an utter success and continues to be successful as it becomes bigger and better. Not only this, but you took on the role of NHS and NJHS Advisor to make sure the kids who were earning this merit were able to feel like they deserved it. The thing that stands out to me though is that you decided to do prom committee as well, even though you truly couldn’t handle any more, because you cared so much about us and the kids.

So yeah, it’s a change leaving all of the friends you have made, and legacies you have created within the school. There probably won’t be as much involvement in activities, and you won’t be able to drive us to school anymore and say you work there with us. But what is ahead is so much better for you in the long run, and we are old enough now that we will be okay. I can see how much stress you take on, and hopefully this new job will alleviate a lot of that. You have so many great qualities, such as determination, passion, and strength, and these, along with your brilliant mind, will ensure that your new job is more fulfilling than ever. I am so proud to say that such a radiant individual is my mother, and I am more excited than you will ever know that you get to have this new adventure. Everyone is rooting for you as you go forth. I love you so much and you will kill it at this new job.

Your Daughter,