You know those moments when you're stressed to the max and you just need to talk to your mom to make it better? Yeah. We all have them. But, if you've already called her like 6 times in the last 2 days, here are 13 pieces of advice from real moms to help you get through!

1. "Eat some chocolate. Drink some coffee. Study hard."

2. "Jesus is in that hard class with you." 

You're going to be OK.

3. "The worst case scenario is that you don't do as well as you want to. And everything is still OK." 

It's like a hug, but with words.

6. "Remember every other time you said you were going to fail and then you didn't?" 

4. "A bad grade isn't going to keep you from fulfilling your purpose." 

Sometimes all you need is some perspective.

5. "You can't study if you're sleepy." 

7. "You can treat yourself when it's over." 

8. "Stop panicking. You are not going to fail." 

Calm down. You'll be fine.

9. "You can always just marry rich." 

If plan A (getting a degree and a job) fails, you can always just fall back to plan B.

10. "Check your phone. I sent you pictures of our cat/dog." 

Do I need to say more?

11. "Do you have people to study with?" 

Study groups are always a good idea. Sometimes I just need my mom to remind me of that.

12. "Have you gone to office hours?" 

Office hours are a very good thing. Brownie points!

13. "I love you." 

Because sometimes that's all you need.

So if you're having a rough midterms season, just remember all of the lovely things your mom tells you and you'll be OK.