Ted Bundy's outer appearance was one many girls look for in a man. But what he was hiding inside him is what many predators hold within themselves every day.

1. Girls today will give their address out to anyone. 

Hello, Jessica, Just because you live on 23 Nun ya BLVD doesn't mean you post it all over facebook. This opens your entire world up to predators who are lurking right outside your window.

2. Girls today will get in the car with anyone! 

Just because that boy at the bar was friendly DOES NOT mean he isn't dangerous. I mean, Ted met Liz at the bar and took care of her child and her all while raping and slaughtering innocent women. He may be cute but he isn't cute enough for you to die over. That Uber driver might have five stars but are those five stars for his driving performance or his ability to hide a murder so well???

3. Girls today post everything on social media. 

Girl congrats on that new dining room table but did you know I can see that your door is unlocked in the background of that picture or that your window doesn't have a lock on it and can easily be shimmed open by a butter knife.

4. Girls today trust to easily. 

Yes, he's complimenting you on the new dress that you just bought or the makeup you spent hours trying to perfect. But that doesn't mean he actually likes it or that he's actually a safe person to tell your business too.

5. Girls today don't UNDERSTAND how that can be snatched in one second. 

Girls today don't understand how in just one minute their whole life can change just by one post or conversation they had with one person. Predators are everywhere and they sometimes seem to be the nicest people. Instead, they are the most dangerous people and the ones who can and will hurt you as soon as they get the chance. All because of a piece of information you so willingly gave to them or the world.