You know what’s worse than dating in today’s day and age? Having a serious obsession with a TV show and unlimited devices on your Netflix account. However, there is one thing HIMYM and my dating life have in common, neither one has produced new content in years. While both exclusively consist of reruns and unrealistic expectations, they both taught me a lot about dating in a modern “adult” world. So, I’ve decided to let Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney give us the answers to all of the questions we didn’t know we asked.

When your “love” interest texts you, likes your picture on Instagram, buys you pizza, etc. and you spend months deciphering what it “really meant.”

When you start to have feelings but never say anything because you’re too afraid of being turned down.

When you’re on a date and the person you’re with won’t stop talking about their ex.

When you’re trying to take things slow, while still being cute and sexy at the same time but end up making the person you’re with uncomfortable and a little confused.

When the person you’re with is distractingly attractive, but horrifically dumb and uninteresting.

When the person you’re with to wants you to open up and communicate more, but you’re not about that life.

When you see your ex out at a party or hanging out with friends, looking genuinely happy, but you’re still hurt.

When you like someone, and you know they like you too, but you’re both too afraid to take a chance.

When you make eye contact with the cute guy/girl across the room.

When you run into the person that broke your heart or never called you back, but they act like nothing ever happened.

When you’re on a double date with your best friend and their S.O. and you have to pretend you don’t know every explicit detail of their personal life.

When you finally meet the right person, but certain circumstances keep you from being together.

When your best friend asks if you want to third wheel their date night.

When you think you’ve met a great person, but they turn out to be creepy and weird.

When your friends try to convince you that being single isn’t that bad.

When you’ve been in a dry spell and may have lost a bit of your game.

When you run into the one that got away, but they’ve found someone else.

When you’re trying to convince your friends (and yourself) that you don’t have feelings for someone, but you clearly do.

When you give up on love and your diet suffers the consequences.

When you realize you’re stuck on someone, and nothing they say or do can change that.

When someone tries to swoop in on the cutie you’ve been chatting up all night.

When you realize that, as helpful as this may have been...

Dating is always scary, but that's all right.

And if you don’t find the right person right now, or even in the next few years, don’t get yourself down. Ted didn’t meet the Mother until the last episode.