What Is Mobygratis and How Is It Different?
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What Is Mobygratis and How Is It Different?

Using Mobygratis for all your independent film making music needs. It's a free service by Moby!

Moby service called Mobygratis.

Are you a film student or an independent filmmaker, looking for music for your next production? Have you had trouble finding music that you can use free of charge, without the struggles of licensing and related expenses? Mobygratis is here to help. Music is an absolute necessity in the production of any film – be it informative or entertaining. Setting the mood, creating suspense, inciting emotion, and inspiring tears are some of the reasons no film would be complete without a proper soundtrack. No matter how large or small the production is, the musical accompaniment is a determining factor in the success of the film at the box office – just ask Ennio Morricone.

But not all productions have the time or budget for such a name. Films that do not have the financial backing of major Hollywood production companies must rely on independent funds and financiers to meet their production expenses. World-renown artist, Moby, created Mobygratis ten years ago, when he saw a void that he could help fill for independent filmmakers. His love for music and films, as well as his drive for independent thinkers, lead him to find a solution for these artists.

Moby Answers a Need for Independent Filmmakers

Unfortunately, a film is not an easy or inexpensive piece of art to create. Although the reward can be great, the risk is often too much for many would-be lenders. Appropriate music is just one of the many costs a filmmaker encounters along the way. Having worked with many talented artists who weren't able to achieve their vision due to funds, Moby knew the hardships they face and wanted to help them work around these issues, at least in one of the most important aspects of independent film, music and score.

Working with a limited budget and trying to create an emotionally moving film is difficult when there is little money available to buy rights to great music. The fees music publishers charge for synchronization for major studio films usually range from $15,000 to $60,000. Moby realized he could help the film community out by making his music available for use in films for free.

Mobygratis Transforms an Industry

The Mobygratis website has a catalog stocked with over 200 musical pieces, which are perfect for many independent films. He has essentially listed everything he has ever produced in the catalog and continues to add new pieces all the time.

Mobygratis is also different from other resources in that he gets to support another of his passions while helping filmmakers with his music – helping and protecting animals. Moby has been an animal lover and animal rights activist for most of his life. As a child, he was inspired by his pet cat to become a vegetarian. At the age of 22, he took this lifestyle a step further and became vegan. He saw Mobygratis as an opportunity to give back to the animal rights charities that he supports. If a filmmaker uses any of his music in a production that becomes a box office hit and brings in revenue, he never collects any of the royalties for the music. Moby set Moby Gratis up in such a way that any proceeds go directly to his favorite animal rights charities. He found a way to give back to two different causes by providing his music for use in this format.

What's Available From Mobygratis

Moby created Mobygratis to be a creative resource for all kinds of filmmakers – independent filmmakers, non-profit filmmakers, film students, and any artist who needs free music for any independent, non-profit film, video, or short. The catalog contains new releases, unreleased pieces, and songs from his back catalog, which users can license for free using an online application system. Users need only to search through the catalog to find the perfect piece for their production.

Once they find it, there is a download icon to click. The application to use the music is simple to fill out; Moby only asks that you tell him a little about yourself and about the piece in which you are using the music. Once you have filled out the application, you immediately receive an email with a high-quality AIFF download to use in your edit, and a copy of the Mobygratis non Commercial License Agreement. He has also updated the site so that there is no waiting period. There had previously been a two-week wait, and then a 24-hour waiting period, but now it is instant.

A Musical Resource for Independent Filmmakers

Mobygratis is truly an invaluable source for independent filmmakers everywhere. Moby has proven his desire to assist upcoming artists and help causes he cares about by using his own gifts.
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