The semester has now ended and everyone is back home enjoying their summers. While most people couldn't be more excited that it's summertime, college students everywhere will be missing their college and the lifestyle they're so used to for three long months. Like all schools, SUNY Delhi is a school most people can't wait to leave by the end of the second semester. Although this is true, as the days of summer go by, everyone slowly starts to miss it. Here are 11 things every SUNY Delhi student will miss while they are home for the summer.

1. Partying

It’s hard to go from May to the end of August without being able to party with the college friends you're so used to going out with. They have experienced those gross frat houses with you, tried to get into the bar with you and were always down for late night gas station trips with you.

2. No Parents

Eventually we get tired of people telling us what to do and where to be. We wanted to come home so bad but we all need our freedom. At college, we can eat whenever we want, hang out whenever and wherever with whoever we want, we can take naps whenever, get drunk whenever we want and be unproductive without being judged.

3. The River

The beach or that lake by your house is great, but nothing compares to going to the river with some towels, a football or frisbee, a speaker, your friends and a cooler of beer.

4. Finding the Buddha

Nothing beats searching for hours up a mountain for a little statue of a Buddha, but afterwards the view of the journey is not so bad after all.

5.The Village&Cuginos

Nothing will compare to the food from your home town, but sometimes you'll miss getting pizza with your buddies on the weekends instead of eating campus food.

6.Blue Cafe

That perfect place you won't have this summer to go to when you want to escape and drink some coffee/tea and relax with some breakfast on a Sunday morning.

7. New Cstore Hours

Over the summer you will miss being able to walk 2 minutes to the Cstore at 12 a.m. to go grab late night snack or munchies because the closest store might not be open that late.

8. Free Anything

Free isn't a word you hear a lot over the summer. Everything you want to do and all the food you want to eat you have to actually pay for. There are no more free giveaways and events to attend.

9. UDE Fest

Everyone goes to fairs and carnivals over the summer, but while you're there with your home friends, you think of UDE fest and all the fun you have with your college friends.

10. Going to Mac Hungover

You'll never have those moments at home where you roll yourself out of bed after a long night of drinking and make your way to Mac for some shitty breakfast. Everyone there is okay with the way you look because they're in the same boat as you.

11. 105

105, the game no one outside of Delhi really understands. You can try and bring it to your hometown but it will never be the same or taken that seriously.

12. Everything Being Walking Distance

Now that you're home, you have to get in the car to go somewhere. No more being able to walk less than 5 minutes for food, to see your friends, or the bar and parties on weekends. It makes us very grateful to be on a campus so small.