Why Hoosiers Love Bloomington, Indiana Like Nowhere Else
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13 Things All IU Hoosiers Have Missed About B-town Over Break

School is starting again and after a long summer away, we are ready for it.

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Summer is coming to an end. No more summer internships, no more traveling the world and no more living under the same roof as our parents. If you go to IU, chances are you have been waiting for this day to come. Here are just some of the things we Hoosiers have missed most about our favorite place on Earth.

Our beautiful campus

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The beauty of this place is what made many of us choose to spend the best four years of our life here. This view makes walking to class not so bad after all.

Pizza X cheesy bread

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Extra large cheesy bread with ranch please! No, I don't mind waiting 45 minutes to an hour.


It's that time of year again ladies and gents! Sure our football team doesn't always have the best record, but hey, we've still never lost a tailgate!


As a 20-year old, I can't relate to this one too much, but word on the street is that Kilroy's is a pretty big deal.

The ability to order Jimmy John's until 4 a.m.

I guess other Jimmy John's normally close at like, 9 p.m?

Basketball games


We have high hopes for this season with new recruit Romeo Langford. Look out B1G, here we come!

Being yelled at by Brother Jed

Who doesn't love getting screamed at that you are going to hell on your way to class in Ballantine?

Hartzell's ice cream

One scoop of cookies and cream please!

Welcome week

Classes haven't started/gotten too difficult yet, everyone is excited to be back after a long summer away and many memories are waiting to be made.

Peach Taaka?

OK maybe we don't miss this one so much, but something about IU's drink of choice just feels like home.

Getting Baked!

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The best cookies I've ever eaten. Yes, it's cookies.

Little 500 week

While we have a while to wait for that and we don't want to rush the year away, Little 5 week will always have a soft spot in the heart of any Hoosier.

Living with all of your closest friends

Perhaps the thing we miss most. With every favorite place comes favorite people. It feels good to have everyone you ever need to see within 20-minute walking distance again.

Every year we return to IU we appreciate our beautiful school a little bit more. At the same time, it is another year closer to Doomsday: graduation. We love you Bloomington, don't ever change.

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