While some friends seem to come and go, everyone has those few people that have been permanent best friends in their lives. I am no different. Coming to college, I knew it was going to be a struggle living somewhere completely different and not having those amazing people by my side like before. While I have adjusted and gotten used to that fact, I do not think a day has gone by where my best friends and I have not spoken to one another. We all have a bond that really cannot be broken, and no distance is going to change that.

This, of course, also makes for a highly anticipated holiday season where we cannot wait to see one another.

Tickets were purchased and travel plans were made. Just the thought of seeing everyone soon was enough to get us through the tough next couple of weeks. The anticipation grew each and every second, making it feel like that day was never going to come, like we were never gonna get to the point where we finally see one another face-to-face.

The time eventually did arrive, and after months apart we were finally together again. After many shed tears and shared hugs, it was finally the chance for us to be together like old times, even if just for the few days of break.

It is the greatest feeling finally seeing your best friends again after months of being so far apart. It is in times like these you realize exactly how important these friendships are to you. Even after all this time apart, it still feels as though nothing has changed. It feels as if we have been together this whole time, regardless of the fact that we really were not.

These are the friends that feel like family, and even sometimes may literally be a part of your family. No matter the distance between us or the amount of time since we have last seen one another, we will forever love and have that bond with one another. No one can replace these best friends from home, and seeing them for the first time since going to college truly makes you realize that.