Seeing Your BFFs For The First Time Since Moving To College Shows Just How Close You Still Are

Seeing Your BFFs For The First Time Since Moving To College Shows Just How Close You Still Are

Even after all this time apart, it still feels as though nothing has changed.


While some friends seem to come and go, everyone has those few people that have been permanent best friends in their lives. I am no different. Coming to college, I knew it was going to be a struggle living somewhere completely different and not having those amazing people by my side like before. While I have adjusted and gotten used to that fact, I do not think a day has gone by where my best friends and I have not spoken to one another. We all have a bond that really cannot be broken, and no distance is going to change that.

This, of course, also makes for a highly anticipated holiday season where we cannot wait to see one another.

Tickets were purchased and travel plans were made. Just the thought of seeing everyone soon was enough to get us through the tough next couple of weeks. The anticipation grew each and every second, making it feel like that day was never going to come, like we were never gonna get to the point where we finally see one another face-to-face.

The time eventually did arrive, and after months apart we were finally together again. After many shed tears and shared hugs, it was finally the chance for us to be together like old times, even if just for the few days of break.

It is the greatest feeling finally seeing your best friends again after months of being so far apart. It is in times like these you realize exactly how important these friendships are to you. Even after all this time apart, it still feels as though nothing has changed. It feels as if we have been together this whole time, regardless of the fact that we really were not.

These are the friends that feel like family, and even sometimes may literally be a part of your family. No matter the distance between us or the amount of time since we have last seen one another, we will forever love and have that bond with one another. No one can replace these best friends from home, and seeing them for the first time since going to college truly makes you realize that.

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To My Little Brother

Six things I want you to know.

I am not your mother, but I am your big sister.

I cannot even apologize for it, I am always going to act like your second mom. I am going to keep yelling at you to (please) put down the toilet seat and to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen. It doesn't matter to me how often you say "I am not your mother," because you're my little brother and I'm always going to be the boss.

I never mean it when I tell you to grow up.

I hope that you have taken, and continue to take, full advantage of your childhood. As often as I complain about your maturity level, my wish for you is to put off growing up for as long as possible. The closer I get to real adult life, the more I miss home and all of the worries I didn't have. You shouldn't rush through the years you have left at home, you are doing just fine the way you are.

No, I didn't tell Mom.

All of our secrets will always stay secrets. I may have ratted you out to Mom about being the one to break her new vase, but I hope you know that our brother-sister bond protects all of the private things we share. Please, never forget that I'll always be here to listen to you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for giving you your first bloody nose, and for laughing at you afterward. I'm sorry for every time I have blown you off for plans with a guy, or to get an extra hour of sleep. I'm sorry for yelling at you to leave me alone and for slamming the door in your face. I'm sorry for all of the times you asked me to play outside that I didn't. I'm sorry for all of my broken promises.

I forgive you.

I forgive you for all of the “little brother" insults you have used. I forgive you for using all of my paints and letting them dry out. I forgive you for embarrassing me in front of every guy I ever brought home. I even forgive you for cutting off that piece of my hair in fourth grade.

I am so proud of you.

It isn't said nearly enough, but I am so proud of you, little brother. I am envious of the passions that you have and the way that you pursue them with no fear! I am excited to see where you go in life (but don't go anywhere too quickly). Keep working hard and doing what you love, no one can fault you for following your heart. I love you so much, and I will always be your biggest supporter and fan!

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Stop Assuming Your Queer Friends Are Going To End Up Falling For You

News flash: if you're my friend, the chances of me falling for you are slim to none.


Ever since I came out my senior year, I've encountered bumps of my friendships due to my sexuality. I think people understand gay, lesbian, and bisexual identities rather well. However, there are other members of the LGBTQ+ community that isn't as understood as well.

I identify as pansexual but start using the term queer. Essentially, I don't have a preference if someone identifies as female or male. When it comes to love and relationships, I care about the quality of the person and if I'm getting the love and respect I deserve.

However, to some of my friends, they seemed to become afraid. They distanced themselves in our friendships in fear I would end up falling for them.

News flash: if you're my friend, the chances of me falling for you are slim to none. You are my friend for a reason. If I liked you, I would honestly be too nervous to talk to you.

It's nice to know to have that kind of self-confidence where you think everyone has a crush on you. That's the attitude to have because you are a pretty great person. However, sorry to break it to you, but you just are not my type.

There is absolutely no reason to cut off a friendship just because you don't understand. Your queer friends would probably like you to ask questions. It can be a sign you care about them and showing support. There is nothing wrong with asking questions either. When you're in class and you don't know anything, then you ask a question. When you are getting to know someone, you ask questions. Even if you knew this person for a while, ask away!

I think there is a stigma of not knowing something and feeling embarrassed. However, it shouldn't be this way. We should embrace the unknown, learn, and grow from it. It's 2019. It's all about being open-minded to differences. We have to do better for the next generation.

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