It's been over a month since I took my last final of my freshman year, and now I've been home for over a month. In that time, I've been to a wedding out of state, listened to an album for an entire month until another album I've been waiting to come out came out, and I've been helping around the house. All while waiting for at least one of the jobs I applied to to call me back about setting up an interview.

As I sit in my house thinking about what to write, there is one thing that came to mind: my friends in college.

I made friends in marching band in the fliccs section, I made friends in my sorority and they're my sisters, there are some people that I was able to become friends with because we were in the same classes, and the list could go on. A majority of them don't live in the same area as me, so the only way of communication I have with them is either text, GroupMe, or Snapchat.

Don't get me wrong, whenever I get something from any of my friends, it lifts up my spirits because I know in about two months I will seeing them again on campus. They were able to make my first year of college memorable, and I know that there will be more memories to be made in the new year.

I love my friends from home. I always will because they helped shape me in the person that I am today.

But at this moment, I really want to see my college friends again.