I have always been a winter girl. My birthday is in November (some say this is fall) and all the fun holidays happen in the winter. Sure there aren't any really long breaks, but there sure is a lot of love. Because the unproductive boredom of summer is in full swing, and I really miss the winter months, I thought I would talk about the reasons I miss winter, even though most people loathe the thought of snow or school or commitments. But for the few people who like the winter months, this is for you.

1. It isn't so freaking hot

The winter is cold and gross, but being roasted in the sun is no better in my opinion. Not only can you not wear pants or leggings outside without sweating, but the moment you step into the sun you are boiling hot. I tried to eat outside for lunch the other day and I actually felt like I was roasting from the inside out. During the colder months, you don't have to deal with this.

2. You aren't so bored

Having 4 months off school is nice at the beginning, but once it hits the half-way mark it starts to get a little exhausting. The month break during Christmas is much more enjoyable with the abundant things to do, family and friends to see, and places to visit.

3. Pretty decorations and cheer

The Christmas festivities and decorations (especially in downtown Chicago I am biased) bring the community together. You can bundle up and walk outside without worrying about the sweat showing through your shirt. Everyone is also in a better mood whether it be because of the looming holidays and family get-togethers or just the thought of a break. Either way, everyone seems to be in a better mood than the summer people who are panting and swatting bugs out of their potato salad.

4. The nostalgia is everything

Something about getting together around the same time and seeing the same people every year just invites nostalgia. I remember every Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family and they always bring back good memories. As I get older, the more I drift away from my younger years and into the responsibilities of adulthood. The winter months bring the old feelings back and make me feel really young again, and that feeling that it provides is something worth waiting all year for.

5. The best movies

Finally, everyone loves a good Christmas movie. There are the classics like, The Christmas Story, or the claymation, Santa Claus, Elf, or the ones that just kind of complement Christmas like, Harry Potter. Most people love a good Christmas movie and everyone has their favorite. Unlike summer, which doesn't really have any iconic movies except for I guess, Junie B Jones and the Not Bummer Summer.

This being said, summer is really nice too. You don't have to worry about ice on the roads, or commitments, or buying a present for your 4th cousin. There are fewer things to do, but more free time to explore other things. So, in some ways, summer and winter are equals, because you always want what you can't have. When it is summer you wish it was winter and when it is winter you wish it was summer. I guess I should just shut up and enjoy the rest of my summer.