As I begin my study abroad adventure, I can't help but think about all the things that I will miss most about home. Even though I have already been in college for two years and know how to live away from home, doing it in another country is totally different. There is no coming home for fall break or Thanksgiving, or even just a random weekend when I am feeling a little home sick. I am really going away until the end of December, which means there will be a lot to miss about being home.

1. My bed

Taking a plane to my new home means that I cannot bring my unbelievably comfortable mattress pad with me, which means I will be missing my bed at home A LOT.

2. My mom cooking dinner

For the first time, I will be without a meal plan and without a parent to cook for me. Time to figure out how to make something other than pasta!

3. Thanksgiving

No, they will not be celebrating Thanksgiving in London so it may be a little difficult to get my turkey fix in during the season.

4. Watching Netflix without headphones

No longer can I watch Netflix or videos without headphones in the comfort of my own bedroom. This isn't super specific to abroad but it is still a struggle I will run in to.

5. My family

Of course, most importantly, I will miss my family. It will be difficult not being able to see them until Thanksgiving but thank God for FaceTime and texting! I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't contact them at a moments notice.