How Misconstrued Media And Fake News Destroys

How Misconstrued Media And Fake News Destroys

A Wyoming family is dealing with the repercussions of a false news story being published by a news source. When writing, it is important to fact-check because when you don't correctly research for an article, media can be harmful.

We use the media every day, whether you like it or not. You scroll through Twitter and check up on your friends lives or what's trending at the moment. You scroll through Instagram and look at what all of your friends are up to, but only the good side of their lives. You get news from online news sources like NBC or MSN.

Picture this: you're scrolling through Twitter and you see a headline that interests you, "Downward Spiral: How Addiction Decimated a Wyoming Family." You click on it to see what exactly Sabine Heinlein from The Guardian has to say. The story covers a family in Wyoming whose entire family is portrayed to be addicted to some kind of substance or another. Alcohol and opioids to name a couple. You're absolutely shocked as you read the article, and your heart breaks for anyone affected by the overdoses or addiction. Alex, the man who was the information source for the article, spewed off how the mom was addicted to drugs, how the daughter overdosed on drugs (unsure as to if it was intentional or not), and how the other daughter, who happened to be his wife, was addicted to opioids for fifteen years.

I, personally, believe the media is an amazing tool that can be used for so many mind-boggling things we never thought possible before technological advances. You can speak with someone in an instant, contact people across the globe, and access information in a more efficient manner. But, when accessing the information, do you check to see if the information is true or do you rely on the author of the article or the document you're reading? It's the media's job to double-check facts and make sure their story is accurate, right? Wrong.

This story I described to you above is a story full of lies that have now left Alex's family scrambling to clear their name. The mom, who in the story died of alcoholism after her daughter died from opioid use, died from cancer more than six years prior to what happened with her daughter. The daughter who overdosed on drugs was given two different medications that mixed the wrong way and she lost consciousness causing her to hit her head and pass away. The daughter who was married to Alex didn't die from opioid use, she had what is believed to be a stroke caused by health Issues.

When contacted, Heinlein stated that what was in the story was "proven facts." When writing an article, you should prove the facts by double-checking them. This is just one example of how media can become misconstrued and have lasting effects on anyone involved. The article that is published about the family is being spread across the internet and various social media platforms, despite the fact that it is not factual, because one person said something and made up a story to get paid. If used the wrong way, media can be harmful to a reputation and really destroy a person or someone affected.

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Coping With The Loss Of A Passion

It's hard to get it back once you lose it.


In college, time to focus on passions seems limited. The homework, essays, group projects, and exams are never-ending.

In high school, I took my free time for granted. I was dancing four hours four nights a week, but I wasn't constantly stressed. I had time to focus on my passion, which is dance.

In college, I am a part of an amazing dance club. But I don't get to compete, take technique classes, or be with the team I was with since I was 8 years old. Now, I receive videos of my team from home's amazing performances, and it aches a bit. I am so proud and happy for their growth but jealous that they have more years than I do. It is nearly impossible to find technique classes at college to take with no car, little free time, and barely any money. I miss my team, I miss my dance teachers and choreographers, and I miss competitions, but most of all, I miss the person I was when I had the opportunity to pursue my passion several hours a week.

My passion will always be there, and I do get to pursue dance on a smaller scale with some amazing dancers in college, but I am coping with the fact that I will never do another competition with my team again, I will never be able to dance with them again, and I will never be able to learn from my dance teachers again. It's a hard loss, one that I think about every day.

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