The Misconceptions And Misunderstandings Of Millennials

The Misconceptions And Misunderstandings Of Millennials

Millennials are many things other than "lazy" or "sensitive."

The Misconceptions And Misunderstandings Of Millennials

Earlier this week I came across a video on facebook that basically labeled Millennials as a group of "lazy" and "stupid" individuals.

Personally, this deep hatred older generations seem to have towards millennials is tiring and sad. Millennials are actually working extremely well with the circumstances other generations have provided for us along with the present day society and economy.

Something that is even more disappointing is when millennials label their peers and make statements such as, "I hate my generation," "our generation is brainwashed," and many other pointless accusations that degrade our generation as a whole.

Why is it that millennials are constantly put underneath the microscope and judged for their personal and professional developments and endeavors?

Well, easily answered, millennials are thinking and acting outside of the box. Millennials have increasingly shaken things up economically and socially. Increasingly, more millennials are making up the workplace and changing the traditional roles/rules.

We are often seen as individuals that don't take directions well or as arrogant. In reality, we are becoming more efficient! With the use of technology and other programs, we are starting to broaden our boundaries and defy limitations.

We are expressing more creativity which is revolutionizing our jobs. We are expressing our interest in wanting opportunities to grow professionally.

The term "lazy" also needs to be altered to "flexible". Yes, most millennials do not want to work a 9-5 office job but not because we are lazy! We want to be able to choose the location of our work and have a flexible schedule that does not make us feel like robots. Working differently does not mean we are not working hard.

We were raised with parents that had to sacrifice family time in order to grow professionally and due to this, we are showing our unwillingness to sacrifice our mental health, personal happiness and other lifestyle compromises for a job.

We are willing to work our butts off during the weekdays but appreciate those companies that value our freedom and give us our nights and weekends.

We need to stop this belief that it is wrong to value a life and freedom outside of work.

Companies are starting to redefine the typical "work schedule" due to our constant ability to keep up with communication.

Yes, our phones might be in a constant radius of us but this allows us to respond to important messages with extreme quickness.

Communication is increasingly becoming more and more a second nature for most millennials and in our current day society, this is a very important skill to have.

Along with our abilities to communicate, we are the most tech-savvy generation yet. Technology is the way of the future workplace and the more we embrace it and utilize it, the better.

Millennials ability to work with different technology is a skill that has become a necessity for certain businesses.

Another common word that is made about millennials is this sense of "entitlement," that we are apparently cursed with.

News flash, we aren't claiming to be entitled, we are embracing our individual empowerment and going into circumstances with a different approach than previous generations .

Millennials are just entering situations with the mindset of being more than just another employee or in other terms, "an average joe." Millennials enjoy the sense of inclusion and importance.

Is it really so wrong that we value to be appreciated as an entity?

We are also commonly titled as "overly sensitive." These "sensitive" statements always make me sarcastically chuckle as my generation is seen as "sensitive" just because we are standing up against blatant disrespect that is found throughout our society.

Utilizing your voice for equality, better rights and better treatment is not being "overly sensitive" it is standing up for what you strongly believe is right in hopes you can fight away the ignorance and be a shining light towards others.

I could provide more and more points that fight against the constant bashing that millennials receive but I will end my argument with a simple word, understand.

If we spent more time understanding millennials we would evolve so much as a society by coming to terms with the changing environment.

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