1. We are antisocial.

Brooke Cagle (Fancycrave)

There are lots of introverts that make up the reading community, but there are also a ton of extroverts. There are plenty of bibliophiles who love to strike up conversations!

2. We're know-it-alls.

geralt (Pixabay)

Just because we love talking about books and recommending them to our friends, we don't think we're better or smarter than you. But try picking up a book anyway! There's an enjoyable book for everyone!

3. We aren't productive.

jarmoluk (Pixabay)

While we do spend most of our time reading, we have lives outside that as well and we work! For example, English majors have gone on to be the nation's most successful authors, teachers, and librarians. Those are underappreciated nowadays. The next time you see them, acknowledge them and respect their passions!

4. We all overthink everything.

John Mark Kuznietsov (FreelyPhotos)

Sure, we love to analyze every book, article, play we can get our hands on, but that doesn't mean we do that all the time. As an English major, I've been taught how to look for deeper meanings behind pieces, but I don't find myself doing that when I reading at home. Most of us are just looking to read something entertaining, something to make us think.

5. We are all avid Harry Potter lovers.

NatashaG (Pixabay)

Now, some of us do really love Harry Potter, and that's fine! We grew up with the series, so for many of us, it was the first book series that really stuck in our minds and taught us. But don't worry. We won't try to shove the series down your throat!

6. We're boring.

kaboompics (Pixabay)

This is probably the most common one! When people think about a book lover, most people picture a woman in her forties with glasses, a long cardigan, and beige or grey clothes and shoes, complete with static facial expressions and a flaky personality. Before I really fell in love with the world of literature, I thought about this too! We love to do things other than reading, but reading just so happens to be our absolute favorite hobby. You'll see us in Starbucks, in restaurants, catching up with friends, and even at loud concerts. We're humans, just like you!

7. We only read fiction.


While reading fiction novels help us conveniently escape from the stresses of life, we don't just read fiction. In fact, nonfiction is underrated. I love reading about true crime cases and scientific articles as well as Shakespeare and Sarah J. Maas!

8. It's too much work.

Karolina Grabowska (Kaboompics)

I'm sure you wrote essays on books you were forced to read in school, but chances are you're not in high school anymore. All it takes to find a book you'll enjoy is a simple Google search: for instance, search "books about summer," and a ton of them should appear. If you want to take it a step further, try Goodreads to look at reviews! Heck, YouTube will be your best friend, too, for searching for recommendations. Just try it out!