This is no way hate towards engineers.

I like engineers; you guys are probably the ones that made LimeScooters and since I use one every single day - I can't be mad.

But at NC State, we are either known as "Moo U" for our School of Agriculture (much respect), or we are known as that "really good engineering school".

I'm tired of only hearing about engineering.

Before I officially went to NC State, I was often asked by distant family members or friends: "Are you studying engineering?". As if the only major I could possibly be doing was engineering.

I am in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRT) with a concentration in Parks and Natural Resources or what I simply like to call "Environmental Education" since that is quite literally what it is. Usually, when I say this, people don't take me seriously or they like to follow up with "Oh, you mean like the show?".

I know - my major isn't "changing the world" and no, my major will not get me paid much. I will definitely be below the poverty line but I will be outside with kids, and yes, there is something to learn in our classes.

Our major is a nice mixture of environmental justice, education, and awareness, along with understanding the complexity of people. We are students who are normally athletically inclined with an interest in working outside and teaching people outside. My classes range anywhere from "Culture Diversity and Inclusion", "Green Construction", "Biology", "MEAS (marine, earth, and atmospheric sciences), and "Zoology".

Some people would like to assume that my major is easy. Yes, my college and major are relatively easy to get into because not many people consider this when discovering what they would like to do. In fact, my best friend and I are the only freshmen in this major. Not joking.

For example, in a group in my PRT 238 class, a junior transferred recently to this major, coming from engineering, and said that he dislikes that the school tends to look down upon this major since our classes are difficult but at a different level.

We are not pumping out numbers, equations, and building. We are working with people and designing programs to teach them about their living environment. People are complex, I've said more complex than numbers. You never know what a person will feel or experience when you work with them. You never know how they will react to what you share with them through an activity you built or the information you share. Our major also deals with ecotourism and outdoor recreation that could result in serious injuries. Human life is much more liable compared to a robot's (sorry).

I love my major and hope that people will respect it. In fact, those summer camps for engineering and science that you might have gone to were most likely funded and founded by PRT alumni. When you build a machine that cures ocean pollution, the public activist groups were most likely began by PRT alumni.

I think all majors are important - everything in society works together and needs one another to do their job. So don't forget about the little guys.