Thank You Obama

On November 4, 2008, I was a ten-year old kid witnessing history being made, and I didn’t even know it. Barrack Obama became our President that day and made countless efforts to improve American lives. So, without hesitation here is a giant thank you to the Obama administration from the point of view of a millennial.

Thank you to Michelle Obama for attempting to make our school lunches healthier. Although, I don’t think what they were serving us was real food but still, thank you for trying. Thank you Obama for getting rid of Bin Laden and bringing over 100,000 troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I was about 13 when that happened and I remember all the teachers turning on the news and everyone rejoicing because we finally got the bad guys. Also, thank you for showing us you can still be cool while also being the most powerful human being on earth. Obama was so down-to earth and always made us feel like he was that really awesome Uncle that always gives the best gifts during Christmas.

Michelle Obama, thank you for also being a beacon of hope for many women, including myself. With two degrees from two ivy league schools Mrs. Obama was one of the smartest and most elegant first ladies we’ve ever had. Not to mention well-dressed.

People tried constantly to bring down the Obama administration and they handled everything with such poise and grace. I am proud to have literally grown up under this administration and all they have achieved will not be forgotten. Oh and just a side note, for all of the wonderful people saying that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a better healthcare plan than Obamacare, hate to break it to you but they’re the same thing. Have a blessed day everyone!

Love, Chantay

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