Millennials: The Generation That Everyone Loves to Hate

Millennials: The Generation That Everyone Loves to Hate

We are called entitled for wanting a future that involves both financial stability and happiness. Is that so much to ask for?

In a recent study done, data was pulled from households across the country which revealed that New Jersey is the number one state in the country with the most millennials living at home with their parents. A staggering 47% of millennials aging from 18 to 34 years old have either stayed put at their parents home or have moved back in with their parents. This is not a surprising outcome considering the ridiculously expensive cost of living in New Jersey and the lack of good paying jobs to match it. Although wages are significantly higher for jobs in the northeast than they are in southern states, that does not help the fact that a one bedroom apartment in New Jersey costs around $1,200—and that's excluding amenities.

With the economy not giving a great outlook for millennials and the ghastly cost of living in New Jersey, you wouldn't think there would be millennial bashing in the comment section of an article talking about struggling New Jersey millennials. The comments with the most likes and attention consisted of "lazy millennials," "the generation who gets everything handed to them," and " those kids attached to helicopter parents." I would be lying if I said that lazy millennials didn't exist or that my generation never gets anything handed to them because every generation has different types of people, but I will say that my generation has been dealt a tough hand and doesn't deserve the constant harsh criticism.

"Millennials are on the internet too much and they are lazy."

We are the generation that was raised on technology and most of us didn't have to go to the library to look up information when it was readily accessible through academic search engines (I promise, we never use Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers.) When other generations complain about millennials always being on their smart phones, tablets, or laptops, do they ever think about what they are doing on the internet? Yes, sometimes we are on Snapchat or playing some pointless app we'll get tired of in about a week, but a lot of the time we are social networking through social media, doing homework through blackboard, or innovating with the technology at our fingertips. Additionally, almost everything is online nowadays including job applications, coursework, and the immediate news.

"Everything is handed to them."

We are the generation of clingy helicopter parents, but not everything is handed to us. Yes, we are provided financial aid for college if we can't afford the payments and our parents might help pay for our insurances until we leave school, but we also take on a load of debt that is unacceptable for a college education. The college debt we take with us is enough to leave us struggling for at least a decade. Also, we aren't handed jobs and a good paying salary, we have to work for it just like any other generation. We may be given some money by the government to help us get through school, but we take on a debt that will follow us for way too many years. The burden of having to go to college is very heavy on our generation, and we live our day to day lives seeking the opportunity to climb the ladder of success.

"They are arrogant and entitled."

We are the generation with so much to lose and yet, our expectations for receiving what is due after working hard and our pride in our work is perceived as arrogant and entitled. Other generations had things to depend on and look forward to for their future while our generation is told that our futures are bleak and financially depressing. We are considered entitled for wanting what our parents got and what their parents got, and so forth. We are told that we are arrogant for not following the norms or paths of our parents because we have a different mindset. We are called entitled for wanting a future that involves both financial stability and happiness. Is that so much to ask for?

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Basics – How to Shave Beard?- Tips for Guys

Clean Face

Young adolescent boys enjoy youthfulness. They like to wear new costumes, and do different haircuts. However, they grow ultra thin moustache and beard on their faces. Bushy beard and dense moustache are not attractive. Sweethearts like well-shaven face without wild beard. Therefore, they should abide by few important tips how to shave beard fantastically.

DIY Beard Shaving Tips

See, professional barbers reshape rough beard and disheveled hair. They are professional with little passion to assist customers who are not matured. At home, try to trim the unwanted beard to smoothen up the facial skin dynamically. DIY beard shaving methods are cost effective to economical guys. For rookies, it will be difficult to wipe out strong hairs of the beard efficiently. So, they must have guide from experts or seniors. For example, watching seniors to remove grey beard hairs fluently, they are competent to clean the face. Besides, online demos and slide shows with step-wise guidance how to shave beard are helpful to beginners.

Basics of Beard Shaving Toolkit

  • Arrange a curvy gripe safe ergonomic sharp razor which is hand-driven
  • Shaving cream with a brush for skin exfoliation
  • A cup of lukewarm water to disinfect shaving tools
  • A bottle of black cumin seeds tincture for healing up wounds and bleeding
  • A small scissor for beard trimming
  • Cotton balls or clean clothes
  • A small wall mountable glass/large mirror to see
  • First of all, observe your face before driving your razor
  • Check whether your face has also zits, or pimples
  • Avoid the infected areas when you start removing beard with sharpened razor.
  • It is better to trim dense beard hair to make it easy for you
  • Then hold your razor carefully to steer clear of bleeding and cut
  • Drench your face in water and then apply shaving cream to brush up both sides of cheeks including chin using a soft brush.
  • Start straight from the top.
  • Slow but steadfast razor moving is beneficial to teenager
  • Beard on cheeks should be cut slowly without leaving deep dent
  • When you let your razor drive down to drill on chin, you must safeguard throat. Mobility in razor controlling is necessary.
  • Manage your tension
  • Go for complete beard shaving.
  • If you receive mild injury, you must not forget to apply topical anti-bacterial oil or spray on the wound. Don’t scratch or do hard rubbing. It will make the wounds severe.

1 Minute Guide to Shave Beard-Steps

Usually, dudes are interested to do double beard shaving to enhance the skin fairness. There should not be anything left incomplete on your face. For this reason, you must rub your face with fingers to measure the degree of smoothness. Finally, in the case of skin infection, pre-existing inflammation and allergies, guys have to use biodegradable antibiotic lotion/gel and cream to take care of the face. Modern guys must become handsome to entice women. They should learn techniques to shave wild beard for physical aesthete.

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7 Tips To Being The Best Leader You Can Be

Make sure you're being the type of leader that you wouldn't mind following.

There are a lot of examples of bad leadership... like, too many examples. It's incredibly hard to find people who are good leaders and good people, instead of one or the other. Many of us will find ourselves leading people, so we better make sure that we do it right!

1. Introduce yourself, and lay your ground rules

Your first impression as a leader isn't necessarily the most important, but laying ground rules for your team will help them be on the same page as you and will also keep you honest. Introducing rules earlier on will also lead to a lot of accountability within your team. That being said, make sure to...

2. Be consistent

Both with yourself and with your team. If you say being 15 minutes tardy without prior warning will expel you from practice (or a meeting, or rehearsal) for the night, make sure you keep yourself to that. Consistency also means consistency between members of your team. No matter how you feel personally about whoever is on your team, they should not receive any different treatment. That being said, they should receive equitable treatment. Which means...

3. F*ck Nepotism (and cronyism)

If it were up to me, I would say nepotism is the most toxic thing that could happen to a team. Whether it be playing favorites, or giving special power to the people on the team you are closest with. Any nepotistic behavior will instantly cause a rift between your team. You are not Moses, and your team is not the Red Sea. Squash any nepotistic inkling inside of you.

4. Be approachable

To everyone, early and often. Make it a point every meeting to interact with every member present. If you can help it, for an equitable amount of time. If someone is struggling, it's okay to give them more of your attention than people who may not be.

5. Don't fall for the 'bad boys' or the 'kiss-ups'

I've seen a lot of team captains play favorites to people who show them little respect because something about the opposition gives them a power trip. Same thing with kiss-ups, where the ego filling trumps every other emotion. Don't do that.

6. Not too Machiavellian, not too Barney

Machiavelli says in his book The Prince that it is better to be feared than loved, Barney says that it is more important to be loved than anything. In leadership, both of these are wrong. It is better to be respected and appreciated above all. Love is nice, but should not be your primary goal. And finally...

7. Be self-aware

Are you someone that you'd like to follow? Can you see uneasiness on your team? Check in with yourself, constantly. Make sure you are always adjusting and readjusting to be the leader you would like your team to be proud of. Think of some of your favorite, and most effective leaders. See what they did right, and what they did wrong.

Everyone will have to follow a leader someday. Make sure you're being the type of leader that you wouldn't mind following. The tricky thing about leading is that, mentally, you must equalize yourself to your team. Emotionally, you must be aware of all of your words and actions, but overall, everything you do will be interpreted differently. You must write your own narrative.

Cover Image Credit: Loulou Batta

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