Let's face it: millennials get a bad rap for being ill-informed, uneducated and weak. Unfortunately, some don't see social media and the Internet as a prominent outlet for billions of people to voice their opinions...it seems as though it's a breeding ground for fake news and political rants. Sure, we will always see our fair share of name-calling and finger-pointing, but that's been an issue before the Internet even existed. Now more than ever, the information age has allowed us to communicate with people all over the world and exercise our rights to do so. In a time when the world is so divided, it's time for millennials to step up and use social media and other Internet outlets (yes, I said it, use social media) to prove why we're one of the best generations this world will encounter.

Millennials have been raised on a foundation of change and reformation. Anything we could ever want to know is simply one click away...and so is anything we want to say. Although this could be a dangerous feat for those who wish to stand unopposed, there's so much beauty in it when someone can freely say "I disagree". It's somewhat of a wakeup call that not everyone feels the same. In turn, you learn so much about yourself and others when opposing minds come together, even if the end result is still-differentiating views.

What other time in history could we reach billions of people all at once, share how we feel and what we think, and your thoughts and feelings are to be seen and heard forever? How much more are we able to learn about others and ourselves now that information from all over the world is at our disposal at any time we want to access it?

The First Amendment has been exercised through the words of the millennial generation exponentially. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is an American right that has become more and more broad over the past few years as young adults grow and learn and use the Internet as a segway to learning new information and developing an opinion. We're at a pivotal point in life in which we can take any path in front of us. Because of this, millennials are undoubtedly educated due to the desire to express individuality and be their best selves, especially in a world full of opinions and ideas.

Weakness is not a word that defines millennials. If anything, young adults are strong, opinionated, and determined to change the minds of those who believe life is best by sticking to the status quo. Evidently, this generation is anything but status quo. The refusal to be stagnant is inspiring, not inhibiting. Use the outlets you have to be yourself and illustrate why millennials are the next best thing to happen to the world.