11 Millenial Problems That Weren't Problems 20 Years Ago
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11 Millenial Problems That Weren't Problems 20 Years Ago

Next time you judge us, remember who taught you how to attach a picture in your email.

11 Millenial Problems That Weren't Problems 20 Years Ago

The world we live in is a changing one: new technology, new laws, the fact that the Cubs are making it to the playoffs, and more. With this change comes a new wave of people, a new group of young people never before seen in history. These young people are the Millennials. In today's society, Millennials are seen to be pretty below average compared to their previous generations, like the Baby Boomers. But there are reasons for this! Millennials are facing problems never before faced by other generations. Here are 11 reasons, among many:

Mom and/or relatives friending you on Facebook or any other facet of social media.

I'm sorry for all the pictures that make you think that I go out more than I go to class. I promise this isn't the case. Also, on top of that, the fact that “friending” isn’t a real word yet is a whole problem on its own. No, Autocorrect, I’m not trying to say “fishing.”

Posting an Instagram at the wrong time and getting no likes.

Any Insta veteran knows that there is a strategic time to post Instagrams in order to receive the most optimal amount of likes. Thinking of posting around 2 p.m.? That pic of you and your dog doesn’t stand a chance.

Leaving a funny comment on your friend’s picture but there’s a typo, which ruins your comment.

Nothing is worse than seeing the “Edited” mark in the corner your comment. If you’re making fun of your friend, they can in turn fire back that you spelled their name wrong and therefore your comment is irrelevant. What was even the point?

Running out of seasons of your new binge-watching obsession on Netflix and having to wait to watch the next season in a few months on actual TV.

You can’t just binge nine seasons of "Grey’s Anatomy," end on McDreamy dying (spoiler alert), and then start "Scandal"minutes later. Do they think I’m just some fair-weather fan?

… And therefore not having an excuse to procrastinate anymore.

Stop trying to make homework happen. It’s just not going to happen.

Your friend not answering your FaceTime.

Seriously? I’m in bed and don’t want to get out of it and I know we both look ugly with double chins right now but we’re friends so it doesn’t matter and you know I like telling stories with facial expressions so, like, why aren’t you answering?

Online shopping.

It’s way too easy to go to your favorite store’s website, add a million and one things in your bag, and hit “send to my doorstop because I hate trying a million things on in a mall.” But then, when you actually start trying things on in your room, you realize just about 1/19 of the clothes fit well, so you ultimately have to send it all back. Or everything fits and you want it all instead of sending a few items back like you promised yourself. It’s a double-edged sword, that online shopping.

Having to accommodate your gluten-free, vegan, organic-only friend.

This new green-eating wave is great. I’m all about treating the animals well and cage-free and hormone-free and every other nice way you can treat an animal that I’m about to eat. But honestly, who doesn’t want to eat a gluten-free quinoa and tofu burger with no bun? Umm, me.

This annoying hook-up culture we all complain about and yet secretly love …

… in the beginning. Then there’s the whole texting thing. You text all day, hang out at night, have some sleepovers here and there, but refuse to put a label on the relationship which is very clearly a relationship. What happened to the good old dinner and a movie date? You buy the dinner, I’ll get the popcorn? Every girl wants a Noah and Allie relationship (you can nix the Alzheimer’s for me) but they settle for the “Netflix and chill” guy because “that’s just the culture today.” Ugh.

Not knowing/caring what political party/religion you affiliate with.

The Millennial generation is the most indecisive group of people ever. Or maybe there is just too much grey area in today’s society to pick just one side. For example, I tend to lean more conservative fiscally, but more liberal socially. Where does that put me on the ballot? I believe in God, but I don’t think I’ll go to hell if I sin (OK, I’m talking sex before marriage or being gay here, not murder). What religion does that place me in? With very old-fashioned parents as my own, it’s scary to want to branch away from how I was raised based on my own ideas, as it is for most Millennials. Times are a-changing!

Having to be called the “Millennial generation” and dealing with the stigma that goes along with it.

Yes, we’re seemingly lazy, rebellious, narcissistic, technology-driven teenagers and 20-somethings. But our generation is more than that. Our generation may have a number of problems, but we are also the most open-minded and civic-oriented generation ever (hello, we just passed a gay-marriage law in every state, thanks to mostly Millenials.) The Baby Boomers didn’t all smoke weed and they weren’t all hippies. I promise, we’re not all the entitled brats you think we are. And we can probably fix your computer in a matter of minutes, so pick your battles wisely.

I told you there were reasons! We may kind of stink right now, but down the road our generation could be revolutionary. And if you ever have any qualms about how annoying we are ... just remember who raised us.

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