Miley Cyrus' New Music Touches On Sex, Drugs, And Alcohol Proving That Hannah Montana Is Gone

Being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and the goddaughter of Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus has grown up being heavily involved in the music industry.

She was the star of a hit Disney Channel show but has grown up a lot since then. Her new music isn't quite as shocking as the release of her "Bangerz" album or her raunchy VMA performance in 2013. Still, Cyrus is no longer a child and her music surely reflects that truth.

Her latest release is the first of her three EPs to be released this year. The six tracks on the album each have their own distinct sound and I can't stop listening to them.

"Mother's Daughter" is the first track on the EP and has had the most success on the charts. It has one of those melodies that gets stuck in your head and I can see it doing pretty well with the pop radio stations.

"Unholy" is one of my favorite songs on the EP. The lyrics discuss her being sick of people judging her for being "obscene' when all she really is is herself. She likes to drink, smoke and party and she doesn't see anything wrong with that. She isn't Hannah Montana anymore, people!

The track titled "D.R.E.A.M." is an acronym for "Drugs Rule Everything Around Me." The rhythmic beat flows very nicely until the last bit of the song where Ghostface Killah raps in a very old-school kind of way. Cyrus even alludes to her godmother by singing the line, "All the girls in my room look like Dolly."

RuPaul is featured on her track "Cattitude." This is the song that caught everyone's attention with the line, "I love you, Nicki, but I listen to Cardi." Out of all of the new songs, this is the most explicit. It essentially just goes into extreme detail on sex while a catchy beat plays underneath it.

The last two tracks on the EP are slower than the rest and are very soothing. "The Most" is a sappy love song written for her husband, Liam.

If you haven't listened to her new music, I highly recommend it. Go into it with an open mind and I bet you will find at least one song you enjoy.

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