Ah, the Midwest. From Ohio to Nebraska, the Midwest is known for things like corn fields, deep dish pizza, Big 10 college football…. and unpredictable weather patterns.

This winter, in particular, has been neverending. It’s the beginning of April and I’m still bundled up in my North Face winter coat and wearing my wool socks. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re getting really tired of waking up in the morning, looking outside, and seeing snowflakes falling from the sky.

Not only is it way too cold still, but Mother Nature is teasing us with random days of warmth. There have been a few days when we have been able to shed our winter layers and feel the sun on our faces. We thought these days were the beginning of spring! Turns out we were very very wrong.

The Chicago Cubs had snow on the field the morning of their home opener.

Baseball is a spring sport and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like spring weather is anywhere in sight.

Listen here Mother Nature, all I want to do is grab an iced coffee and read a book outside. I want to be able to hang up my winter coat in my closet and not have to take it off the hanger again until November.

At this point, I’m concerned that we’re just skipping spring completely and we’ll be wearing our scarves and gloves until summer gets here.

Midwesterners are relatively accustomed to dealing with drastic changes in weather. At times, it seems like we experience all the seasons in one day. We walk out of our houses in our winter coats, we’re sweating by the time lunch comes around, but we need to put our winter coats back on for our commute home.

While we are relatively use to crazy weather, we’ve had enough.

Dear winter,

It’s time for you to go.