10 Reasons That Prove The Midwest Is The Best Part Of The United States, Don't @ Me
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10 Reasons That Prove The Midwest Is The Best Part Of The United States, Don't @ Me

You can keep your beach life because we prefer to be on the lakes.

10 Reasons That Prove The Midwest Is The Best Part Of The United States, Don't @ Me
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Growing up, I always felt like the song “bigcitydreams” by nevershoutnever - I could not wait to move and live in a city, even if “this Midwest town would miss” me. However, as the time came for me to choose where I wanted to spend my college years, I realized I did not want to leave the Midwest.

The Midwest can seem boring and bland, but it’s actually the best region of the United States. I may be a bit biased since I have always lived here, but trust me on the fact that there are at least 10 reasons why the Midwest is the best region in the United States.

1. The changing seasons are beautiful

Sure, snow in April is not ideal, but where's the fun in having the same weather all the time? Additionally, the changing seasons allow people to wear a variety of cute clothes that would be wasted if the seasons barely changed. I cannot imagine living in a place where I wouldn't be able to see the falling autumn leaves.

2. Midwestern slang

" Ope! Lemme just squeeze right past ya," is a phrase every Midwestern has heard uttered, but it really never gets old. Some might say Midwesterners have an accent, but I just say we're right.

3. Midwesterners are extremely kind

Midwesterners are so nice to everyone they meet! Whenever you walk through your neighborhood, people always say hello and ask how you're doing. Midwesterners are notorious for apologizing way too often, but it's only because they want to do the right thing for everyone.

4. Midwesterners have the ability to make everything into a casserole

Is this a good thing? Perhaps not because not everything should be in a casserole. However, give a Midwest mom a pan and a filled fridge and you'll be amazed at the combinations they can create.

5. The Midwest is mainly corn

This may sound like a bad thing, but have you ever been through a corn maze? It's so much fun! Also, I'm not encouraging bad behavior, but chucking corn can be dangerous fun for all parties involved.

6. The Midwest has the Great Lakes

Beaches without salt water stinging my eyes and throat? Drinkable water from the tap? Sign me up! Not only are the lakes beautiful, but they're useful as well.

7. The state rivalry between Michigan and Ohio never gets old

Michigan and Ohio are constantly fighting one another about who is better. From sports teams to amusement parks, we all have our biases.

8. The ability to travel throughout the states

In addition to being home to the Motor City, the Midwest is pretty central to the rest of the United States. We can easily drive to Canada or we can visit the Atlantic coast. The possibilities are endless!

9. There is a balance between rural and city life

From St. Louis to Chicago to Detroit, the Midwest is filled with some great cities. However, the Midwest is also home to many farms, cabins, and lakeside cottages. You can have the best of both worlds when you live in the Midwest!

10. The Midwest produces great actors and musicians

From Madonna to Mark Ruffalo, the Midwest has been the home to many greats in the industry.

The Midwest may seem boring to some, but those who have lived here know that the Midwest is truly the best region in the United States. Like Dorothy said in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," "There's no place like home."

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