40 Times Midwesterners Say 'Ope'

40 Times Midwesterners Say 'Ope'

Because we all say it.

It's not a term that is known to be said, not something you can find in the dictionary, but you can find yourself saying in in any of the below case, and once you realize you do it, you just can't stop:

1. When bumping into someone

"Ope, sorry."

2. When dropping something

"Ope, I should pick that up."

3. When spilling their beer

"Ope, I seem to have spilled my beer."

4. When Wisconsinites cut the cheese unevenly

"Ope, my cheese is messed up."

5. When they accidentally sit on the remote and change the channel

"Ope, did my butt just do that?"

6. When pushing a door that is a pull

"Ope, it's a pull."

7. When they accidentally get a diet coke instead of regular

"Ope, this is diet, I asked for regular."

8. When they walk outside and it's a little more chilly than they thought

"Ope, I should have worn my warmer jacket."

9. When someone else is about to talk right at the same time they are

"Ope, sorry you go."

10. When the power goes out

"Ope, now it's dark."

11. When someone cuts them off while walking

"Ope, that was rude."

12. When they're in a stall with no toilet paper

"Ope, this is awkward."

13. When the Starbucks calls your name incorrectly

"Ope, it's actually Sierra, not Sienna."

14. When someone says they don't like people who do something that you lowkey do

"Ope, I actually do that."

15. When they skip a step while going up the stairs

"Ope, skipped a step."

16. When someone calls the wrong number

"Ope, I think you have the wrong number."

17. When they feel the first rain drop

"Ope, it seems to be raining."

18. When they drink coffee right after it finishes brewing and burn their tongue

"Ope, well I just burnt my tongue."

19. When they slip a little bit on ice

"Ope, I just slipped on ice."

20. When they slide their card at the checkout before realizing there is a chip reader

"Ope, you have a chip reader."

21. When they knock to see if anyone is in the bathroom and there is

"Ope, someone's in there."

22. When they go to order food and someone else start's ordering at the same time

"Ope, go ahead."

23. When they mispronounce something and someone corrects them

"Ope, you know what I meant."

24. When they accidentally put the milk in the cubboard instead of the fridge

"Ope, milk doesn't go in here."

25. When shopping and a mom tell their daughter a shirt would look cute on her but the daughter already has the shirt

"Ope, my bad."

26. When sliding though the aisles of the movie theater and they accidently touch someone sitting down

"Ope, my bad."

27. When someone hands them their change back at the register and they drop it

"Ope, my bad I'm so clumsy."

28. When they pull the blanket over them but it bunches up and doesn't cover their feet

"Ope, I missed my toes."

29. When they walk out of the bathroom and theres toilet paper on thier foot

"Ope, how did that get there."

30. When parents are walking a movie with their kids and an inappropriate scene comes on

"Ope, I didn't know this scene was in here."

31. When their phone dies after they have been avoiding getting up to get a charger

"Ope, I should probably get a charger."

32. When they try to stop the microwave before it hits 0 but mess up and the timer goes off anyways

"Ope, I missed it by that much."

33.When they need toilet paper in the bathroom and have none around even though they knew they were running low for a while

"Ope, I should have gotten to that."

34. When a girl walks outside and her skirt or dress flys up in the wind

"Ope, there's a bit of a breeze."

35. When they put all of their groceries away when they get home but forget one item and don't notice it until later

"Ope, I forgot one."

36. When someone is holding someone elses baby and they accidently bump it's head on something and it starts crying

"Ope, I hope they don't know I did it."

37. When they go to squeeze toothpast out but there's none left


38. When they go to pull the tab up to open a soda and it comes off instead

"Ope, that wasn't supposed to happen."

39. When they spill chile on their packer jersey

"Ope, I got chile on my jersey."

40. When someone says something that is the elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about but now it's awkward

"Ope," just ope.

Cover Image Credit: Sierra Gardner

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Growing up in a Small Town

Just my two cents on growing up in a small town, and how moving to a bigger city has changed that.

My entire life, I have lived in a small town. Born and raised Wisconsinite, in a tiny town called Algoma. You have probably never heard of it unless you have gone to Door County, but even then maybe you do not remember it. Our population is around 3,000 people, resting on the shore of Lake Michigan. I go back and forth in my head trying to decide how I really feel about the place I call home. There are so many wonderful qualities about Algoma that make me truly proud, but then I move to a bigger city for college and everything is different.

Growing up in a small town is really great. I get to know all of my teachers, neighbors, classmates, church members, etc. And not only do I know who each of these people are, but also things about them that you might not know about each of them if you were living in a bigger city. Sure, I do not know EVERYONE. I mean, 3,000 is a relatively big number. But I do know that there is not a single person in my school that I do not know the name of. My graduating class was one of the largest classes since nearly the time my mom was in school, and we only had about 70 students.

Because everyone knows each other, we can always tell when new kids come to our school, when new neighbors move in a few blocks away, and especially when someone local passes away. Because we are all so close and our town is so small, a few things in particular often happen.. 

  1. If you have a new neighbor moving in, it is very common to stop by and offer to help move them in, bring them a dish of food, or even just drop by to say hi.
  2. When you are young, you play with everyone - the kid next door is your friend, the girl who lives next to the park is your friend, your classmates from school are your friends. Nobody is left out when you are little, and you know ALL of the kids.
  3. You see your classmates everywhere. Sarah works at the gas station, Jimmy works at Subway, and you work at the local cafe. No matter where you go, even driving downtown, you are most likely going to see one of your schoolmates. 
  4. You can barely get away with anything. Unless you have a super cool mom (and mine is pretty cool), you can not get away with anything. Brooklen’s mom Linda WILL tell your mom what you were doing at Josh’s house the other night when she overhears you and Brooklen talking about it in the basement.
  5. BUT because all of the moms, for the most part know each other, you can hang out with anyone at anytime. Unless you have a curfew, however (good luck getting out of that one).
  6. When you are little you love to go out shopping with mom regardless of whether you live in a small town or a big one, but when it comes to your teenage years you kind of want to do your own thing. When you live in a small town, that is not the case. You practically jump at the chance to get to drive 45+ minutes to get to Green Bay. Green Bay is about 35x more populated than Algoma and is filled with things to do.

Though growing up in a small town was a great experience, there are aspects of life I feel like I missed out on. Sure, we had some opportunities to travel and take advanced classes, but not nearly as many as I could have had living in a larger city. I grew up being shy because something traumatic happened in my life at a young age. I knew that everyone would eventually hear about what happened, but I was not ready for people to poke and prod me about it. To this day, I am still fighting to become more open as a person. 

Moving to Milwaukee was a HUGE adjustment for me. But all in all, it was the most freeing moment of my life. I now often look back on my past and can see how much I have changed. I know I have grown, but parts of me are still back in Algoma hoping things stay intact, while the rest of me holds on to the idea that more change is to come. And this change will only get better and better.

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My Top 10 David Bowie Songs

It was difficult to narrow it down to 10.

It’s been two years since we lost David Bowie, and his absence still stings. He was a true revolutionary who will never be replaced. So, in his honor, here are my 10 favorite Bowie songs in order. Of course, this is a completely unscientific list, and I spent way too long narrowing this down to just 10 rather than throwing in a bunch of honorable mentions.

10. Blue Jean

This is just a fun song. It makes me want to get up and dance. Also a great song to rock out to in the car.

9. Life on Mars?

This was one of my first introductions to some of David Bowie’s less known but still excellent work. I first heard this song in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which is an excellent movie if you enjoy David Bowie’s music.

8. Ashes to Ashes

I love how Bowie was both forward thinking and self-referential. This song is a perfect example.

7. The Man Who Sold the World

This song sounded just as revolutionary when Nirvana covered it in the 90s as it did when it first came out. So much of Bowie’s music is wonderfully timeless.

6. Heroes

This is another example of a thoroughly timeless song. Upon hearing it for the first time as a kid, I thought it was from the 90s (blame Moulin Rouge for this), rather than the 70s.

5. Starman

Out of the multitude of space-age David Bowie songs, I feel like most people would choose “Space Oddity” or “Moonage Daydream” but “Starman” is the clear winner for me. It’s just proof that Bowie was never completely of this world.

4. Young Americans

Is it really surprising that I had a hardcore Anglophile phase? I’ve never learned more about being an American than when I studied abroad in London, and I think I listened to this song every single day I was there.

3. Diamond Dogs

Other than having one of my favorite lyrics of all time (“In the year of the scavenger, season of the bitch”), this song is just a glam-rock jam.

2. Golden Years

This is another college-era standard for me. And it’s great to note all the different styles David Bowie experimented with over the years. Even my personal list travels directly from rock n’ roll to something more jazzy.

1. Queen Bitch

I did not discover this song until later in my David Bowie phase, but it quickly became one of my favorite songs of all time. “Queen Bitch” is my personal anthem and it absolutely is a title I am happy to claim for myself. This is David Bowie’s tribute to Velvet Underground, and he does it seamlessly.

Cover Image Credit: Time Magazine

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