Midterms Week: As Told by The Mindy Project
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Midterms Week: As Told by The Mindy Project

Midterms Week: As Told by The Mindy Project

Midterms Week: a point halfway through the semester when you must be tested over what you’ve learned so far. It often involves grueling tests featuring what seems like an unlawful amount of multiple choice questions, followed by essay questions that leave your hand cramping and brain too tired to form a sentence. It’s like finals, except instead of getting to have a month off for Christmas or the entire summer to look forward to, you instead have to endure the rest of the semester.

It also happens to fall right before the start of Spring Break, teasing students and keeping them as far from relaxation and sleep as possible. The thoughts of road trips, beaches, mountains, or whatever your plans may be seem so far away in comparison to the amount of information you must make sure is crammed into your brain. Rock climbing up the side of the steepest cliff may even sound easier then tackling the uphill battle of midterms to some.

To help motivate you through the dreaded week, here are how midterms are according to The Mindy Project

When someone asked how long you’ve spent studying for the exam:

When you try to organize a study group because you have no idea what or how to prepare:

When you get caught watching Netflix instead of studying:

When none of your friends have midterms or are even stressed:

When you try to convince yourself staying up all night studying was a good idea:

When you decide to put on real clothes the day of the exam to at least look prepared

The moment right before you get handed the midterm:

When you actually open up the exam:

When there’s at least a page of true/false questions:

When a classmate turns in his or her test after only 15 minutes:

When you start to fall asleep because you stayed up late studying:

When you catch someone trying to cheat off of your exam:

When you try to go through the exam a second time to see if you suddenly remembered how to do anything:

How the exam is going vs. how you thought it would go:

After the midterm

When you joke with your friends about how you might have failed:

When you waiting anxiously for your grade to be posted:

When you see your grade:

But it's okay, because you have a week of spring break to forget about your failure

And half a semester to make up for it:

Whether you ace your midterm or can't remember a single thing, remember that you still have an entire semester to still get an A in your classes. Study hard, and know that no matter the outcome, Spring Break is coming.

Enjoy it the sleep, catching up on your favorite shows, and spending time with friends because before you know it, it'll be time for finals.

**All Gifs are by giphy.com

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