10 Reasons Mickey And Ian Are The Ultimate OTP

Mickey and Ian were and still are a massive attraction to the show "Shameless." As a matter of fact, when Mickey left the show loads of people on Twitter pledged to stop watching, only to come crawling back when his bad his abrupt return back into Ian's life. Although problematic, and at times seemingly toxic, here's ten reasons Mickey and Ian's relationship is the best.

1. Passion

You can say what you want about their relationship, but one thing you can't say is that it lacks passion. Their love for one another was fiery and bright and continues to be so even as they go their separate

2. They Were Each Other's First Times

There are no recorded parts in the show's history that allude to Mickey ever having any other experiences with a guy than when he started with Ian the day Ian came to his house to get the gun back. That is the first moment in the show's history that Mickey is portrayed in a light of vulnerability and he continues to find himself and his identity within Ian. As one fan put it, "It's almost like his sexuality is Ian. He doesn't know how to love any other way unless its Ian"

3. Mickey Softens When He's Around Ian

Mickey, the honorary bad ass, softens his stance whenever he is with Ian. It seemed in the beginning that all Mickey was interested in doing was letting everyone know how tough he was and not letting that image die down at any cost. However, whether it's mothering Ian when he goes into his manic bipolar stage or professing his love for him through the window of the prison visitation room, one thing is for sure: Mickey loves Ian and turns into a different version of himself when he's around

4. They Love Each Other

Mickey's first "I love you" was said with a kind of passion that simply can't be denied. Even when the two separate and go in completely opposite directions, one is still thinking about the other. This kind of love can't be escaped or denied, which is why fans are still hoping there is a reunion for these two somewhere in the future.

5. They Have Each Other's Backs

Both understand each other, both come from the same trashy neighborhood, and both have parents who are absolutely crazy. At the end of the day, both boys perfectly understand each other and whether it's wrangling their crazy parents or aiding each other in other family life trials, the two have each other's back.

6. They've Been Through So Much Together

Both have practically been there to watch each other grow up. Ian stood by Mickey when he went through his abuse with his father and was sexually assaulted by the Russian prostitute who soon came to his wife all due to the cruelty of Mickey's father. Mickey stood by Ian when he fell into his manic bipolar episode and waited patiently while Ian was put into an institution. Both have weathered so much together and though these circumstances are unbelievably tragic, at times nearly impossible to watch on screen, it has made their relationship stronger.

7. Their Scenes Are Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm actually growing a little warm typing this. I don't think it needs to be further explained, you can probably tell what I mean just by looking at the gif above like...wow. *Clears throat* is it hot in here?

8. They've Stood the Test of Time

Their fling started out when Ian still looked like a fetish, but Mickey watched as he turned into a man, graduated high school, and started his own job as a fireman. Not to mention, Ian has waited on Mickey during his prison sentences and Mickey waited for Ian to come back from the military. Both have waited for each other and stood the impossible test of time.

9. Mickey Came Out For Ian

When Ian stood at Mickey's wedding reception to the woman who had abused him all due to the demands of his father, it was more than Ian could take. When Ian gave him the choice to either come out and admit his love for Ian or to break up, Mickey's choice was obvious. Although it resulted in a beatdown from Mickey's father, it seemed Mickey was happy to come out for Ian.

10. They Will Always Be A Part of Each Other

No matter if Mickey goes to Mexico or the other side of the world, I truly think in my heart of hearts, that they will always care for one another and always be a part of each other. They shared too strong of a bond and love to ever truly move on to someone else.

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