The end of the semester is thankfully coming to a close. You might be failing all of your classes, you might be overwhelmed with the stress of finals, you might be on the verge of tears at every moment in the day, but fear not. This series of GIFs of "The Office" and captions provided by yours truly will momentarily distract you from all your end-of-the-semester problems.

1. When you remember that finals are coming up and that you actually need to start studying or at least do something:

Or you can just put off studying until the night before like you did with every other exam that you took this past semester.

2. When your professor refuses to give you that extra credit:

Even though they never explicitly said that they don't give extra credit.

3. When you meet someone actually worth dating, but it's almost summer and you're like:

And as if starting a relationship being apart for three months would actually work.

4. When you're officially out of bonus bucks in your student account:

No more Chick-fil-A and Subway for you. Have fun in the cafeteria, my friend.

5. When your friends want you to go out, but you have to study:

So you come up with this as a response in hopes that they might let you study in peace. But not in too much peace because you would probably go insane.

6. When you reach that point in the semester when nothing you say makes sense at all:

I can only imagine what our professors are thinking reading our papers when the words we speak barely make any sense because exhaustion.

7. When this is quite literally you while you're taking that only essay question final:

Because professors say you can't write an essay in one night, but they want you to do write two essays in an hour and 15 minute class period. By hand.

8. When this is you taking every other final that you have:

But really that's just us in life. No one understands anything to be honest.

9. When you remember that you'll get to move out of your dorm and never speak to your roommate ever again:

It's nothing personal, but I just look forward to not sharing this close of space with you ever again. I also look forward to eventually unfollowing you on every social media because quite frankly we have nothing in common.

10. When your friends ask you to take a study break with them:

Just leave me here to die in this library. Then I won't have to take exams or do adult things like pay taxes and do laundry more than once a month.

11. When you remember that the end of the semester really means:

That you won't get to see your squad everyday. That you'll go 3 months without late night Taco Bell runs. That you won't get to hear about literally every minuscule detail of their day. The only plus side is that you'll build up a super high snap streak.

12. When it's finally time to move out and you have to say goodbye to your best friend:

But don't be too sad. Because unfortunately summer will end far too quickly just like it always does. Then you'll be back with your squad before you know it. You'll be going on random 1 a.m. Wal-Mart trips with them and taking spontaneous weekend road trips and you'll be whole once again.