One of the great things we have at Miami University is a ton of options for majors and minors. I've seen some things online assigning majors to Vines, and if you know me, I LOVE Vine. I've already done an article assigning Vines to colleges in Ohio, so I thought the next step would be Miami majors as Vines. I hope you enjoy!

1. Electrical Engineering

Do y'all electrocute yourselves on accident a lot? Because I know I would.

2. Music

"Shut the _____ up."

3. Environmental Science

Environmental science majors out in the environment!

4. Physics

Maybe a physics student would have figured out what went wrong here.

5. Philosophy

Honestly this is incredibly deep.

6. Mathematics

Probably what you'll do for your career, math majors: Show people graphs you made.

7. Fashion

A fashion major's nightmare.

8. Education

I'm sure one day us education majors (best major) will have to explain why Abraham Lincoln is not the answer to an algebraic expression.

9. Chemistry

This still blows my mind every day. Electrolytes.

10. Any major in Farmer School of Business

I would not be surprised if the people in this office were all graduates of the Farmer School of Business. Y'all are ruthless and always talking about your resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

11. Computer Science

Computer science majors are savages.

12. Kinesiology

Kinesiology majors exercise a lot, so I think they could pull this off.

13. English

English majors' anthem!

14. Political Science

Classic go-to line for all political science majors!

Everybody at Miami rocks no matter what major you're in, these are just some funny interpretations and I hope they made you laugh. Which Vine do you think represents your major???

Song of the Week: "Female" - Keith Urban