An Important Message To The New 18 Year Olds: Go Vote!
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An Important Message To The New 18 Year Olds: Go Vote!


An Important Message To The New 18 Year Olds: Go Vote!

Congratulations to the new batch of high school graduates! You are entering a new chapter of your life and if you have not already turned 18 you will be soon. Scary or exciting? Maybe a bit of both.

As a legal adult you can do several things, but most importantly you get to vote. For the first time in your life you get to vote for the people that represent you in anything from city government to national government. This is the big leagues kids, not your high school SGA.

Do you know what your vote means? It means you get to exercise your right as a citizen. It means you get to have a real say in what is going on in our country. Have you ever heard older adults talk about how little the youth-care? Prove them wrong. It is very simple. You should vote.

Is it upsetting to see the current state of our country, or do you hope for other things to happen? Do something about it and vote. Are you happy about the way things are? Guess what, you should still vote. All the possible scenarios end with you voting.

Take up the responsibility that American citizens have held before you and vote.

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