If you're as interested in astrology as I am you're already familiar with what is Mercury retrograde. If that's not the case and you're extremely confused, the retrograde motion is simply explained as a period in which Mercury gives the illusion that it is traveling backwards. Many aren't aware that this happens at least 3 times a year, although we are all affected by this strange phenomenon.

When Mercury is in retrograde it is usually associated with confusion, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of hindrance. This is explained through the pattern in which the planets rotate, coupled with their position in the solar system. Considering Earth is situated farther from the sun than Mercury, about 3 times a year we are surpassed by this quicksilver leading us into a retrograde period. The speed gives us the illusion that it's going backwards, but it is not.

It is widely believed in astrology that "Mercury rules all types of communication...formal contracts and agreements...and codes". This has been observed as altering the environment around us and our behavior. During this time, which spans 3 to 4 weeks, people react to situations differently, so there are things that are advised not to say or do. One of the most noted advice however is to avoid making big decisions.

In an astrological point of view, this is retrograde of Capricorn. The energy that gets reciprocated from the shift into this period is often unbalanced. The result of this is corrupt plans and communication. It is very well known that this is not an ideal plan to start on anything new, and it is definitely not the right time to plan ahead. Generally we will experience a different onset of characteristics. You may suddenly be constantly running late. You may run into traffic more than usual. This retrograde will mess with your ability to proficiently make the best choices, this is why it is warned to leave any major decisions to the end of a retrograde period.

If what you've read so far has given you a negative perspective, don't worry! According to Elle Alexa Simon, it shouldn't have to be a negative alteration; this is a change to learn how to manage time accordingly as opposed to the constant rush we are so often driven with. It is also the best time to rekindle old ideas and friendships. So, we can expect problematic outcome in all the areas we had not noticed before. We can expect a slow process. However, we can also expect to learn how to better control ourselves in our most tempestuous of times, as well as how to humble ourselves with a greater purpose beyond praise.

Overall, face this change with good intentions. Remember that it's best to avoid those negative affairs, and focus on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We must block out the changes that distract us from our true introspection. Most importantly, this retrograde, like all others, is powerful enough to make you question everything differently; be patient enough to go with the flow and treat yourself well in the process.