To the first love of my life,

I do not know if you will ever see this, but here it goes.

We did not meet at some fairy tale place in some fairy tale way. We met like normal people do; at a normal job on a normal day. I thought you were cute, you thought I was pretty. The rest from there was blissful history. Everything changed when I saw past that charming smile and those alluring eyes. Being in a relationship was something you "could not handle right now" and I should have realized that was a bad sign. You would never let me look at your phone, and you would get so defensive when I asked who you were texting. I was too happy and ignorant to understand what all of this meant. Every time I listened to a song you wrote, I could hear the pain and the sadness behind it and all I wanted was to fix it. You would never let me in though. We loved each other, I know we did but it was not enough for you.

A year later, I moved away to college and you got exactly what you wanted: Freedom. I was surrounded by all of these new people and still I wanted you. I found out about a month later, you found someone else. That was the first time you broke me. Over the next year I tried to get over you but you still popped up in my dreams, I still shed tears and I still loved you. You had me right where you wanted me. You could text me and I would still answer and then you would disappear like you always did. Every time this happened it was another little jab to my heart. I know I did some things that broke your heart too and I am so sorry for that.

Now here I am over two years later and I have never been happier. I am focused on my school, my family and most importantly me. I have carefully and gently put my heart back together, and you will never get another chance to break it. I am very thankful that we fell in love but I am so glad we are not in love now. You always told me that I was too dependent on people and guess what you were right. I thought I needed you to be happy because you made me happy but you also made me so sad and angry. I can proudly say I am not that person anymore. You taught me how to be on my own and I appreciate that more then you know.