Men Need To Stop Giving Their Unsolicited Opinions In 2019

Men Need To Stop Giving Their Unsolicited Opinions In 2019

To all men: thank you for your opinion, but I didn't ask for it.


So, I need to talk about something.

I have recently experienced a few instances where men have come up to me (random men, might I add) and given me their unsolicited opinions. I just have to say that I'm OVER IT.

Let me start with the first time.

I was at the FL/GA game (GO GATORS) with all of my friends just having the best time of my entire life. Like, I was truly living. The weather was amazing, I had a white claw with a metal straw (save the turtles), and I was happily snacking on some popcorn chicken and pigs and a blanket. Over the period of a few hours tailgating, I had to take the treacherous trip to the porta potties more than once. Gross, I know, but a girl has to do what she has to do, and once you break the seal, there's no going back. Anyways, this was one of the many times I made the journey, and I was patiently waiting for a stall to open up, minding my own business.

Many people would pass by me saying "GO GATORS!" as we do to our fellow fans, and one man, in particular, did the same. He was probably aged in his 40s, with a beer belly and a can in his hand to match. He comes up to me with his buddy and says Go Gators!, reaching his hand out to give me a high-five. As he comes closer, he looks at me close and goes, "Wow, you would be so much prettier without all that makeup on."


YOU'RE telling ME advice on MAKEUP???? Ha! Hahaha! This is a joke, right? Obviously, my makeup looked snatched that day, because, hello FL/GA, and I wasn't even wearing that much! Like, by my standards at least. It was the usual foundation, concealer, contour, blush, highlight, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrows. That's IT. Maybe a lot for commoners like this jerk, but nonetheless it looked fabulous if I do say so myself. Not cakey at all. Thank you, setting spray.

I stood in disbelief. "Ok, haha, bye," I said as they walked away. Basically just shook at what had just happened. My feelings weren't hurt in the slightest. I knew I looked good and I knew this guy didn't have the slightest idea of what he was saying. But, who did he think he was coming up to me and giving me his negative opinion of me? I would NEVER go up to a stranger and say anything like that, except maybe going up to them and giving them a compliment or asking where they got their top.

Why do men think this is OK?

The other day I was out in my hometown and I was standing on the sidewalk outside the bar waiting for my uber. I was wearing overalls and a hat because I had been out all day rooting for the Gators then the Lighting (Go Bolts) so I was in full casual attire. Plus, I was on day four hair and instead of drenching it in dry shampoo, I thought I would just sport a cute hat with some team pride and say f*ck it.

So, I was waiting for the uber and two guys (yet again, do the rude ones come in pairs? Do they need someone next to them to boost up the testosterone count and give them the confidence to approach a woman?) come up to me. One says in passing that I look like an Instagram model, quite a compliment in (then) 2018, while the other one says I would look so much more beautiful without the hat.

Dare I say it again: EXCUSE ME????

Does this only happen to me? Any other girls out there minding their own business with men giving them unsolicited opinions on the street? I used to think I wasn't that approachable, you know, with the RBF and all, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe I am extremely approachable ---so much so that random men feel it necessary to give me their opinions on my appearance. Its completely rude and unacceptable, not to mention they know NOTHING about beauty or fashion. I mean, come on. All I have to say is this would never happen the other way around. Yes, I do give fashion advice when prompted, but not to random guys on the street! I motion for men to keep their negative opinions to themselves in 2019.

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The 'Real You' Is The You That's Fully-Rested And Cared For

"The real you comes out when you're tired and hungry and sick." Lies.


I've often heard people say that the real you comes out at 3 a.m. or some other odd time of the night when you're cranky, hungry, or just in a bad mood. Honestly, that doesn't make any sense.

The real "you" is when you're well-fed, well-rested, cared for, and everything in between. You might say that there are rare times when that ever happens, but honestly, it's the effort that counts.

When you don't even try to take care of yourself, there's a subconscious part of you that believe it's unnecessary or not even worth trying for.

It's truly a precedent you set for yourself and the others around of you of how you would like to be treated.

This even applies to the thoughts we think. When we're running on less sleep or starving through a class, we're more prone to have self-destructive, mean thoughts about ourselves. And if you haven't been getting enough sleep for consecutive nights, really try and make it a priority to.

Sometimes, we don't realize how bad it was until gets better.

Funnily enough, this applies to other people as well. When we get disappointed because people don't treat us the way we think they should, we feel a little hurt. Honestly, though, it's important to think about circumstances that have caused them to act that way. It could have been a stressful week at work, a rough patch in a relationship, or even a fallout in a friendship. Given that, it's only natural to act differently. Not talking as much, reaching out to people less, preferring alone-time, and other things are completely normal.

So, don't take it personally. It's nothing against you.

And, this all really does come full circle. Think about it: you can only understand situations and people and the realness behind them when you are as well taken care of as you can be. So don't be afraid to put yourself first, even if it means skipping out on something else (which it often will).

You're worth it.

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