A Jar of Goodbyes

A Jar Of Goodbyes

Saying see-you-soon to my boyfriend one note at a time


There is an ocean between my boyfriend and me for the next six months.

I recently moved to London for a study abroad and internship program. Unfortunately, great opportunities often come hand-in-hand with sacrifice. I said a temporary goodbye to my serious boyfriend soon after New Year's Eve.

We've been together for four years, and we agreed that a "break" is more of Ross and Rachel's thing. We're currently working on our UK and US relations.

I wanted to leave him something tangible before he settled into Skype-dinner-dates from five hours apart. I guess we can still share a drink or two if I call him while I am at dinner and he is at brunch.

The rabbit hole that is Pinterest grew my idea to leave him what is often called a memory jar or a 365-note jar. He would probably knock himself out with a jar filled with 365 notes if I were to be away from him for that long.

At first, I thought the idea of leaving him a note for every day I'd be gone to be a cliched craft thrown together by a helpless romantic. Fortunately, the pair of us equals a romantic and a half.

I calculated that I would be abroad for around 120 days, but I added in another 30 days in case I take the long way home at the end of my program.

I started writing a bulleted list for the project on my phone and cleaned out a large honey jar for a container.

Some of my notes included memories, song ideas, motivational words, and cheesy pick-up lines. I printed all 150 notes and cut them into little slips of paper. I instructed him to open one note every morning.

My favorite series of notes in the jar is a short-story puzzle of how we met that is cut up into different notes. Each line has a number on it for him to piece together the story over the course of the six months. Of course, the last line of the story was one of the first notes he picked out!

My boyfriend said he has enjoyed how creative some of my responses were and how the process has improved his patience.

He said his favorite so far was a note that read: "Thank you for supporting me while I go to London. I know that I am sacrificing a lot to do this like I probably won't have good Mexican food for months."

Even if you see them every day, I hope you make a silly, romantic gesture for your loved ones sometime soon. Tell them you love them in person, so a jar doesn't have too.

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10 Dates For All Couples, Including Long Distance Lovers, To Have This Valentine's Day

"I'm sick of all this lovey dovey sh*t" - Drake


So originally, I was in Florida for college, so my boyfriend and I were going to be apart for Valentines day this year, but things changed. Before that I was trying to come up with dates for us to have, but now that we aren't apart I figured that I would still share the ideas for all the long distance couples out there looking for something simple and easy to do this Valentines Day. All of these can be used if you're together or apart this Valentines day. So here's 10 date ideas for ALL couples to share this Valentines Day.

1. Watch a movie together.


Kinda lame but for long distance couples, there's websites that allow you and somebody else to watch the same movie and video chat while the movies playing.

2. Cook together and have dinner.


Get on FaceTime long distance couples and cook the same thing for dinner at the same time so yo guys can "sit down together" and have a meal like you would if you were at home.

3. Share the sunset, or sun rise.


If you can, because this one might be a little difficult.

4. Listen to music together.


New music, old music, if you guys have a special song.

5. Share the highlight and low point of each others day.


You guys could continue to do this everyday.

6.Create a photo album together.


You can make digital photo albums.

7. DIY night.


Find a few DIY's that you guys want to try and make it friendly competition, over FaceTime.

8. Read to each other.


Whether it be a book, or a poem, or song lyrics.

9. Dance around to music together.


Obviously less fun over Face Time, but still fun.

10. The traditional Valentines day.


Send flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates, sweet cards and blah blah blah.

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10 Fascinating Adult Playgrounds In The U.S.

Who said adults can't have fun?


There are a lot of things in the world we don't realize we can do. Here is a list of things I found to exist that I thought would be interesting to visit someday. From amazing picture opportunities, to thrills, to just hanging out- adult playgrounds exist and we should definitely check them out.

1. The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine is basically an Instagram playground based off of dreams turned into a reality! They have multiple rooms for the perfect aesthetically pleasing photo op!

2. Dig This

Dig This is basically a construction machinery playground for everyone 14 years and older. You can dig holes, throw tires, and drive around. Who wouldn't want to try it?

3. Smash Shack

Do you ever feel like smashing your plates? Or smashing a photo of your ex? Here's the place to do it! anything fragile, you can throw at a wall. Relieve the frustration!

4. VooDoo Authentica

This voodoo shop will let you create a doll and relieve some anger. If you want to relax by buying a doll, smelling candles, or knowing your future, this is the perfect place.

5. Lavatory

The Lavatory is a huge adult ball pit which they call "The Pit". You can take photos in the pit and in the photo booths they have. This is a perfect addition to a night out.

6. 29 Rooms

This is a women's media company based on storytelling. 29rooms is basically a really cool interactive museum that you can take great pictures in while learning about it's history.

7. Happy Go Lucky

This is an interactive exhibit that has eight rooms each with a different theme. From mirrors to giant sea shells to vibrant gardens. Happy Go Lucky is another perfect place for aesthetic photo ops!

8. Mega Cavern

Mega Cavern has zip lines, challenging rope courses, and a bike park with 45 different trails. Oh, and its completely underground. Zip lining underground seems to bring more of a thrill than above ground zip lining- but it's all part of the fun!

9. Watson Adventures

Gather clues as you go on scavenger hunts around the city! Watson Adventures is a scavenger hunt company that will have you hunting and enjoying the locations you hunt in. This brings a new way to enjoy a city!

10. Boston's Lawn on D

This was created as an experimental outdoor space and proves to be successful. There are tons of outdoor games like frisbee, cornhole, ping-pong, and anything else you might want to play. They also have swings and live music. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day outside!

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