Well it is officially week five. We are nearly one third of the way through the fall semester. For me, both of my clinical placements have started, and my accelerated class is almost over (3 more weeks!!). This point in the semester means a lot for all college students. It's kind of the point in time when things start to mush together--assignments are all due on the same dates, and it's basically just pure chaos from here on out (if the chaos hasn't already swung into full gear.

The show New Girl perfectly describes some of our feelings towards this point in the semester. PS, new episodes are up on Netflix.

Here we go!

1. Food is almost always on my mind. By this point in the semester I sometimes find myself working on an assignment, and then suddenly my mind is thinking about my lunch box. Hmm...what's in there? Once I start to think about the food, or once I start to eat it, I cannot get back on track.

2. Sometimes this is just the way I feel. It's like, I'm hungry, exhausted, and I have approximately 300 things to do. Maybe I should just watch another episode of New Girl and avoid all of my responsibilities.

3. The first few weeks, there's some effort in the way that I look, and then it's all up in the air. Twice a week, I definitely have to look professional, so the other three days are just a toss up. It really depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning. Will I dress as a peasant or a queen on Monday? Nobody knows, nobody knows.