Meg’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide
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Student Life

Meg’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide

A Providence College Senior's Guide to Surviving Finals

Meg’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide

It's officially that dreaded time of the semester, finals week. In my six previous Providence College finals weeks, I've picked up some tips and tricks to make a week of testing even slightly more bearable. So, from one friar to another, here are some of the best tips for getting through. Good luck and happy studying!

Losing sleep is never worth it

Choosing to pull an all nighter to study will leave you scatterbrained and groggy during your test. Your best bet when it comes to studying is always taking things slow, and breaking up sections to study over multiple days. But never move on until you've mastered the section you're on.

Make time for food

It is always important to budget for down time during long study days. Make sure some of this time is set aside for food. If you don't believe you'll have time to fit in full meals, make sure to keep snacks close by so you're not wasting time rummaging through your pantry. Time spent thinking about hunger is time that should be spent thinking about what you're studying.

Be strict about where you study

While it might be tempting to study with your friends, be realistic about how much time will be spent goofing off rather than focusing. Try blocking out a few hours in the best study environment for yourself. Some people like to blast music, others need absolute quiet. Whichever you need, make sure you get it, no one else is taking your final but you.

Do the "easy" finals first

This note applies more to non-test finals. While it might be tempting to save the "best" finals for last, don't do it. Getting the more manageable ones over with will leave you more time to focus on the tougher assignments. Also, getting the "easier" stuff out of the way can provide a sense of accomplishment to propel you through the more difficult days.

Make a physical list of all your due dates

With so many classes and assignments, due dates can easily be overlooked. Go through each class and write down every final: what it is and when it's due. This way nothing will get lost and you can bask in relief as you cross things off!

Studying simple and focused material is best

As crazy as it sounds, professors aren't always out to get you, especially if they offer some sort of guide to their final. Make sure to pay close attention to what they're asking for. For example, if on a CIV final they say you're going to need to know the name, date, and importance of a historical figure, make sure to memorize only those things! (the importance can be as simple as one line) There is no use cluttering your brain with any more information! Keeping your studying as focused and concise as you possibly can will allow you to answer questions more directly and save you time and energy in the long run.

Don't forget to celebrate!

Make a plan for how you'll celebrate when finals week has ended. I like to leave all of my favorite shows till the end of the week, then once all of my obligations are taken care of, I can watch carefree! Try to come up with something that will motivate you to finish strong. The prouder you are of the work you've done, the better your celebration will be!

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