Poetry On Odyssey: There's More Than What Meets The Eye

Poetry On Odyssey: There's More Than What Meets The Eye

The first thing I notice when I see someone are their eyes.

Mahi Patel

Eyes are the first thing I notice when I see someone. A mellow brown, a striking green, a watered down, tired grey and a crystal clear hazel occasionally mark my first impression. I notice the way they crease when people smile and how they squint when people frown. A range of emotions are narrowed down to a singular focus on a blank canvas. There is so much you can gather from a single glimpse. An entire story is painted with the emotions in a casual look, a threatening glare and sultry glance. Hidden passion escapes from the windows of your soul. There is more to the eye than what meets the eye.

With a hint of mystique, the eyes intrigue. A piece of the story given, the rest yours to take. There is something about the power in a look, that drives maybe an entire conversation. There is a reason why eye contact is so important. Connecting at a deeper level, you cannot hide the ways your eyes express. They capture my attentions and trick me into learning more.

Let me hear the words your eyes speak

In the crevices of

Those moonlight eyes

Hides secrets

In the crease of

Your eyelids

Lies understanding

And in the colored iris

Is your story

Waiting to be seen.

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