In honor of last week's Tony Award Nominations, I've decided to shine my light on a Broadway show that earned 12 nominations, Mean Girls. About a week prior, Barret Wilbert Weed who plays Janice, debuted the song "I'd Rather Be Me" from the musical on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

To summarize within the context of the show, this song is pretty much a huge middle finger(literally, watch the video) to those who have made her character feel as though her true self isn't good enough for other people.

Not only does this only song make me want to see one of my favorite movies come to life on stage even more, but I find this song to be extremely relevant to my own situation right now.

Everyone wants to fit in and have a group to call their own. It's easy to conform to what others like, do, and expect for the sake of belonging to something, but do these costs always outweigh the rewards? In my experience, missing out on something because you have to do it alone has never been worth it. While I am an outgoing person who loves company, sometimes it has been in my best interest to go do my own thing instead of letting others hold me back because "I'd rather be me than be with you."

This song is an empowering message to not let other people's negativity alter what you want to do with your life, no matter how big or small. In fact, don't let other people rule your life at all. If someone cancels on you, go on as if the plans were still on instead of moping around and being upset about it. If you can't find someone to come with you, go do it anyway. You can't live your life for other people. Don't let others unwillingness stop you from having a good time and experiencing the world. If you do, there are so many crucial adventures you will miss out on, and certainly regret later.

The moral of this song is, be yourself and live life for you! Whether you're changing your plans or trying to fit in by being someone you're clearly not, conforming will only hold you back from undergoing bigger and better things with genuine people. Be the person that you want to be and do what moves you. This is what makes you special, so don't be ashamed of any of it either!

So go out there and treat yourself to dinner at that restaurant you've always wanted to go to or go see that movie by yourself. Do something for YOU.

You deserve it.