College Life As Told By Mean Girls

1. That moment when someone sits in the seat you have sat in all semester


2. Finally giving up on avoiding the freshman 15

No matter how hard you try, the motivation to get to the gym just decreases dramatically throughout the year.

3. Being the mom friend

You know I will be the one picking up my drunk friends and making sure they get food in their stomachs before bringing them home.

4. When you know you failed that exam you spent all weekend studying for

It might be a weekday but with an exam that bad, a drink is much needed.

5. Finding out who hooked up with who at that party last weekend

Alcohol can lead to bad decisions. Sorry, hunny.

6. Coming home after a night out

Food is the only thought on your mind after a night of drinking. You definitely need something to absorb that alcohol.

7. Finishing all of your finals and forgetting everything you learned for the semester

Just think, you will never have to think about that humanities class ever again.

8. Learning about all the things you did while being intoxicated

Alcohol can make you a whole different person. Trust me. Vodka can make you dance if you didn’t know.

9. When classes get to hard and you are the definition of a broke college student

If the school vehicle hits me, will they have to pay the rest of my tuition?

10. When the teacher decides to have a pop quiz or a random assignment that wasn’t listed on the syllabus


11. How it feels when you get an A on a test you didn’t study for

If you can manage to do this in college, you deserve to be worshipped.

12. When you have four exams, two papers, and a lab report due all in the same week

It’s like your teachers get together and plan to have all of their exams in the same week just to make you feel like a sleep-deprived pile of crap.

13. Knowing you get to graduate soon and leave the chaos of college behind

I cannot wait for the moment when I do not have to feel bad about spending $5 on that coffee.

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